The TVS Asia One Make Championship has been fuelling an experience of a kind to its riders since its debut in the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. In Race 2, Round 3 that was held at the Sportsland Sugo International Racing Course, Md Ramdan Rosli of Malaysia gave it an interesting twist when he bagged the winning spot on the podium.

Reflecting on Race 1 that was held yesterday, we saw the mastery of Japanese rider Hiroki Ono who flaunted his experience o the circuit when he went on at the lead position from flag off to chequered flag. Riders of neighbouring countries, Decky and Ramdan engaged in an exchange of positions before Decky upped his performance further to take the second spot while Ramdan concluded at third.

In Race 2, Decky was off to a great start when he took lead as soon as the race flagged off. Ramdan strode at P2 while Hiroki took a more relaxed approach at P3. Uphill after turn 14, Hiroki dashed ahead of Ramdan but seconds into lap 2, Ramdan made it back into P2. A comfortable gap was drawn between the trio ahead and the troop trailing behind led by Vorapong before Fugo broke into P4. By the fourth lap, Ramdan made it past Decky for a moment before the latter resumed his lead role. Meanwhile, Muzakkir who was trailing behind took a leap into P5.

Hiroki who was playing it safe at P3 began making his moves mid-race and barged ahead into P1 with Decky and Ramdan close behind. Hiroki confidently picked up speed and quickly drew gap with the duo behind. With 4 more laps to go, Hiroki has worked on a 0.891s gap. By the 8th lap, Ramdan moved ahead of Decky before Hiroki succumbed to a mechanical issue and was out of the equation. That left Ramdan and Decky at the top two positions.

Two more laps to go, Decky worked on his rhythm and glided ahead of Ramdan. At P3, Fugo battled with Piyawat and Muzakkir. Fugo however retained his positions at P3 but Vorapong broke into P4 and

began his attack on Fugo but the Japanese rider managed his position firmly. Ahead of them, Ramdan boldly chased Decky down before dashing uphill towards victory at 16’38:545s.

Commenting on the race, Ramdan said, “I was prepared to put up a fight with Ono as we have worked on our machine’s suspension. I was quite confident to embrace the battle in Race 2. But sadly, he faced some mechanical issue with the machine. Anyway, I am very happy with the outcome of the race today. It is never an easy feat, furthermore with my body weight in comparison to other riders but again, I am really grateful for this win.”

Decky Tiarno Aldy of Indonesia took the second spot at 16’38:938s. Fugo Tanaka of Japan made it third at 16’44:373s.

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