When the 2019 season of the ARRC gets underway in March next year, the new ASB1000 (Superbike) will take over as the showpiece class of the Asian series. Even at the 2018 season finale at the Chang International Circuit, the talk around the paddock had continuously revolved around plans, discussions, and speculations about the new race category. What then happens to the SuperSports 600cc?

The class which was first introduced into the ARRC roster in 2000 will become a step-up class for younger riders whose skills have evolved past the AP250 but not yet ready for the litre category. As such, the class will impose an age-cap and restricted only for riders aged 25 years and younger. However, certain exceptions will be created to allow the class to grow.

“The idea is to create a racing environment that will encourage growth and participation from countries where the sport of motorcycle racing is still in its developmental stage,” said Ron Hogg, Director of Two Wheels Motor Racing (TWMR), the race promoters of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship.

Put together, the four race categories in 2019 will form its own rider development ecosystem within the ARRC itself.


The Malaysian-based Two Wheels Motor Racing is no stranger to creating a dynamic and thriving motorsports industry that serves the greater good of the sport. Back home in Malaysia, the TWMR crew runs the PETRONAS AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Championship (now in its 25thseason) and the Mini Cub Prix – providing structured racing platforms for riders from as young as 6 years of age.