What a victorious move it was when ONEXOX BMW TKKR Team’s star rider, Markus Reiterberger hit a home run with a double-win, instantly rewarding him with the Champion title! Where does that leave defending champion Md Zaqhwan Zaidi of Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA? With his teammate Andi Farid lining up in the attempt for the first runner-up, Round 6 of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship at Chang International Circuit is bound to get feisty.

It was not a bed of roses for the Malaysian rider this season. Finishing on the podium seven times but not a single shot at the winning spot throughout the ten races, the struggle has been quite evident in the presence of the German rider who stole the limelight for the season. Nevertheless, Zaqhwan has put on quite show in all five rounds, grounding himself firmly, next in line. To-date, the all-smiles lad has saved up a total of 150 points and is 16.5 points ahead of his robust teammate who has also demonstrated his ability in handling the big league. It is not an easy task undoubtedly, juggling between the pressure of maintaining his stature and managing the rivalries of the likes but Zaqhwan has certainly has hit the ground running and is up for one last challenge before the curtains close.

Commenting on the season, Zaqhwan said, “This has been a pretty tough season for me but I think I can take some credit for my performances overall. I have been quite consistent this season and made it to the podium in most of the races. For that, I am proud of my achievements thus far. The main issues have always been the setup of the suspensions and the electronic matter. During the practice sessions, I have discussed with my crew member, Chip to try and resolve the problem however it has been an on-going matter that I think would require more time and attention. Nevertheless, I have tried to be as competitive as possible with the rivalries. Actually, I have been really happy with my teammate because Andi is a very easy person and communication is made simpler with him. Even when we face a difficult situation, we always speak about it and help each other to improve. Of course, during the race, it is about being the best and in a way, he is also a rival but together, we are stronger. For the coming season, I am not sure what is in the pipeline but I believe that the team has a better plan. So, we just have to wait for it. For now, my goal is to win the final round and gain a better result.”

A debutante in the ASB1000 race category but a quick study, Andi Farid has flaunted his moves, striding alongside the seasoned riders. With a total of 133.5 points in hand, the promising Indonesian rider has accomplished the odds throughout the season by positioning himself among the top five riders. Even more striking was his success on the podium twice this season which further accentuated his overall standings. The former champion of SS600 race category, Andi is a perfect semblance of brain behind the brawn. His reserved personality is quite the opposite of his professional capabilities where actions are amplified. Can he take down his teammate at Chang?

Commenting on the coming race, Andi Farid said, “To be honest, there is still so much that needs to be done to improve generally especially in the area of suspensions and electronics setup as well as the race pace. But so far, I think I have been improving in every race but it is still not enough to fight