The TVS Asia One Make Championship never ceased to make an impression on the scenes of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship with Asia’s best taking strides for greater excellence. Vorapong Malahuan of Thailand, carved an outstanding victory in its debut season and went on a great defence move with a double-win in Round 1. He is more than ready for Round 2 at the Sepang International Circuit this weekend.

While Vorapong fought a good fight in the debut season, this year poses a different kind of challenge for him especially with the likes of many robust riders in the race category. The pressure is certainly mounting for Vorapong and was evident in the races of Round 1. Nevertheless, Vorapong who had the upper-hand at his home-ground circuit and the years of experience managed to overcome the brewing intensity with a swift finish.

Commenting on the race, Vorapong said, “This season has been very difficult. Round 1 gave me more insights as to how this season would turn out by the end of the year. We have so many highly competitive riders and it definitely looks like everyone is determined to win. Who will become the winner in the next round is going to be a tough guess but I am equipping myself with the best of my knowledge and experiences and hope that it would help in my performances.”

In Round 1, the threats from other riders upon Vorapong were evident. The TVS Asia race category has definitely injected adrenaline rush and thrill into the scene with the selection of highly capable riders. This also means, a new kind of experience for its existing riders. Vorapong continued, “The race in Round 1 was sort of an eye opener to all of us as to how this season would go on. I believe that the riders will be better geared for Round 2 and will return with more aggressive moves. I foresee more riders in a side-by-side challenge but this is where the fun is. It means, working extra harder to push further towards excellence.”

On racing at Sepang Circuit, Vorapong said, “Sepang is similar to my home-ground circuit. I am confident with my riding techniques and machine setup for the circuit. I had good memories there. Out of the two rounds last year that was held at Sepang, I took one win. The rest were second and third spot. The goal now is to win. I am aware that Malaysia is home to exceptional riders participating this season whom I am sure have more experience and higher chances of winning there. But I am all in for the challenge.”

“It is the thirst for victory that keeps me going. It magnifies the will and determination to do better. Therefore, I will keep doing my best with the aim of guarding the championship title.”

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