“I enjoy the process of riding and analysing what I can do better and even when things are going terribly, I like being able to always tell myself that I can make this situation different and I’m better than the problems we have at the moment,” says Adenanta Putra of Astra Racing Team, who believes maturity comes with experience.

After an impressive performance jn AP250cc category last season,  the East Java born racer successfully made his way into SS600cc, but, somehow the 19-year-old finding it hard to get into his best position in his debut year in that category.

“It is more like a challenging cum know the real deal kind of a season. Racing is a tough business and every racer aware of that. Yet, after having a quite a well season and now struggling to even to step on tbe podium in the last four rounds, it is definitely a wake up call. I believe it’s normal tripping a lil in a journey of becoming a better racer.

“Honestly, I would crash quite a lot, I’d panic in certain situations and make a mess of things. I was my own worst enemy because I wanted to win every single race from the beginning doesn’t matter which platform I am competing at. But luckily there’s one man, who was a instrumental part of my growth, besides my team. He taught me how to control things, how to work on different situations, always try and stay calm regardless and get on with my job.

“He was the reason and pillar of my career. I was six years old when he got me a motorcross bike and introduced me the world of two wheels. When I participated in my very first race, I instantly fell in love with the sport. Day by day, watching our local riders and world champions on TV, I knew exactly what I wanted to do,” says Adenanta.

Adenanta believes his lack of success at the moment woukd be a motivation for him to dig in and get on with the job, so that he will be able to embrace the pressures today of being a factory rider fighting for the number one spot in the sport.

“The pressure is higher compare to last season, I had to admit that. The competitiveness in SS600cc is quite tough for me, because all my opponents are senior riders and they have so much experiences in racing. Some of them have raced in international platforms. Regardless, by adaptation, I am improving step by step and day by day, and I think I have improved to be able atleast compete in the top group.

“The desire to win the overall championship will always be there for every rider and definitely I prefer the same. So that, I can move to elit categories or even comoete in international platform one day. I think everybody would have that dream to compete in higher level, I’m not an exception.

“ So, at the moment I am eorking on myself, my fitness and trying to gain knowledge as much as I can. I’m also hoping to participate in National Championships, as at the moment I haven’t been raced in one yet. It would help to improve my skills besides being my extra training ground. I would love to grab tbe opportunity if I were to given one.

The Asia Talent Cup title holder, is currently at the 7th position with 60 points on hand and 3 points behind Malaysian rider Azroy Hakeem Anuar of Boon Siew Honda Racing Team.

“ My target in the next round is still to be able to maintain the performance in the previous round, and to be better or improve, of course the target is to win. Hopefully, I will be able to step on the podium in Zhuhai, this weekend.”