The endless battle for victory is one of the most important features in the Underbone 150cc race category which makes it different from the rest. Md Shafiq Rasol of ONEXOX TKKR Racing Team concluded the competition this evening when he claimed the winning spot in Race 2 of Round 5, FIM Asia Road Racing Championship at Zhuhai International Circuit.

The 6-lap race began with Akid on the pole-position. As the battle heated up, the usual exchange of positions happened, swiftly amidst the chaos. Standing tall and striking in his moves was Akid who maintained his position at P1 on 5 laps. While the other riders attempted to take him down, he confidently rode on the racing line before dashing towards the finish line. He took his first win for the season. Behind him, Fazrul took second followed by Shafiq at third.

Akid once again went on to take lead at the first turn followed by Shafiq and Murrobil. By the end of lap 1, Shafiq emerged ahead of the troop followed by Fazrul before Akid struck to take back his position. By the end of lap 2, Akid drew a gap of 1.058s away from Afif. The huge troop behind him chased him while playing their part in staying ahead of their contenders. By mid-race, Akid was comfortably gliding ahead with a gap of 1.788s.

By then, it seemed almost impossible for the big troop to catch up with Akid. Unfortunately, luck was not his side. His machine gave way and threw him off his game. With two more laps to go, the competition became stiff as the riders aggressively fought to stay ahead. On the final lap, Wawan took lead with Shafiq trailing but after the final turn and towards the finish line, Shafiq slip-streamed ahead of Wawan and clocked in first at 12’10:676s.

Commenting on the race, Shafiq said, “I would first like to say a big thanks to the team and crew for their hard work and endless support. This was an amazing race for me. In fact, the weekend was truly an awesome one. I took third yesterday and being able to win today is a great achievement for me. During the race earlier, I tried to stay ahead of the troop from the beginning but I was left out mid- race. At the final lap, I tried as much as possible to get back ahead and I managed to get it right!”

Second was Murrobil Vittoni of LFN H. PUTRA 969 INDONESIA Racing Team clocking in at 12’10:685s.

Wawan Wello of Pitsbike JRT Tech 2 OneWay Racing Team made it third at 12’10:753s.