It was quite a show with the Asia Superbike 1000cc in Race 2 of Round 4, FIM Asia Road Racing Championship which was held at the Sepang International Circuit. Haruki Noguchi made SDG Motor Sports HARC-PRO Ph. proud with his win after an invigorating battle among the Best of Asia.

Kasma took a bolt ahead as soon as the race flagged off. Haruki who began the race at the fourth spot too did not waste his time as he positioned himself fiercely at P2 while Zaqhwan took P3 from the 8th spot on the grid. Meanwhile, Apiwath who was at P5 managed to bring himself up to P4 in lap 2 while the trio ahead of him kept their momentum in their positions. Towards the end of the second lap, Haruki made his move and took over Kasma’s position. Seconds into that, Apiwath unfortunately crashed and ruined his chances for a win.

In the third lap, the battle heated up between Haruki and Kasma who were inches away from each other. The latter was desperately finding ways to supersede Haruki but Haruki kept in his pace strong at P1. Zaqhwan was left on a chase, trying to pick up speed however the duo ahead of him were intertwined in a fiery battle. By the end of the fifth lap, Kasma succeeded at P1 once again.

Yuki Ito who went on to take P4 was trying his best to close the gaps with Zaqhwan. Nevertheless, Zaqhwan did not seem to be open to the thought of giving in to the Yamaha rider. Meanwhile, Haruki and Kasma continued their never-ending battle as they switched between P1 and P2 multiple times. Zaqhwan and Yuki Ito kept to their positions with another two remaining laps to go.

With another lap to go, Haruki bucked up and took greater speed as he fled further away from Kasma. But Kasma has no intentions of giving but Haruki accelerated further to the chequered flag with a 0.916s gap from Kasma, clocking in at 23’25:006s.

Commenting on the race, Haruki said, “Firstly, thank you to my team and sponsor. Right now, I am truly happy because this weekend was tough but finally, we achieved the top spot. We will continue pushing till the last round.”

Kasma Danial Kasmayudin of YAMAHA Racing Team ASEAN took the second spot on the podium at 23’35:922s.

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