Since its debut in the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, TVS Asia One Make Championship has witnessed its rider making phenomenal advancement in their riding skills. Vorapong Malahuan from Thailand made one last push towards the finish line, bagging the top spot on the podium in Race 2 of the season finale at Chang International Circuit.

It was a good start once again for Vorapong who fled ahead of the troop as soon as the race begun. Watcharin stayed close behind and by the end of the second lap, Fugo Tanaka made his move to P1. By then, it seemed like Vorapong has decided to take a more relaxed approach as he slowly backed away to P7. He had nothing to lose considering his big win yesterday as the overall champion.

The battle became more evident between Fugo Tanaka and Watcharin who were taking turns at P1. Meanwhile, James Frederick began making his moves as he tailed behind the duo. Into the sixth lap, James managed to slide ahead of Watcharin and for a moment took lead before Fugo struck back for his lead position. By the end of the sixth lap, Vorapong flaunted his skills as he made his way back up to P2. 

In the seventh lap, Vorapong succeeded at P1. Fugo Tanaka, defeated went on a wild chase. With one more lap to go, the former began picking up speed and at the last turn, he dashed towards victory once again, marking his win at 15’12:815s with a total of 176 points.

Commenting on the race, Vorapong said, “I was a little bit relaxed today. I made a new record this morning during the warm up session. During the race though, I faced a problem at turn three and I panicked. So, I slowed down and played safe. I had a lot of fun with today’s race. Nevertheless, I wanted to achieve yet another victory today as I am not sure if I would be back next year and I gave my best shot.”

At the second spot was Fugo Tanaka of Japan, clocking in at 15’14:050s.

Watcharing Tubtimon of Thailand took the third spot on the podium, logging in at 15’14:527s.