Vorapong Malahuan made history today when he swept the winning spot at the podium in the very first race of the TVS Asia One Make Championship.

The Thai rider displayed extraordinary skills since embarking on the championship and rode to victory in Race 1 clocking in at 15:00:135s.

It was quite a stimulating show as Vorapong battled between spot one and two with his contender, Decky Tiarno Aldy in the first three laps. Nevertheless, Vorapong picked up his pace in lap 4 with his step-by-step approach and took lead of the troop. It was then all about maintaining his momentum and staying focused in finishing the race.

Commenting on the race, “I am very happy with my victory with the TVS Asia One Make Championship.”

“I stopped racing for about 1 or 2 years due to the pandemic and I did not have the confidence to perform. This race brought the confidence back in me and I am truly thankful for the opportunity given.”

Decky from Indonesia bagged the second spot at the podium logging in at 15:00:224s. He also holds the race lap record of 2:28:477s.

Muhammad Fitri Ashraf, Malaysian rider came in third at 15:05:605s.

Race 1 Provisional Result
TVS Asia One Make Championship – Top 5 Riders:

  • Vorapong Malahuan, Thailand, 15:00:135s
  • Decky Tiarno Aldy, Indonesia, 15:00:224s
  • Varis Felix Fleming, Australia, 15:05:605s
  • Kerwin Chang, Philippines, 15:05:619s
  • Muhammad Fitri Ashraf, Malaysia, 15:05:705s

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