Vorapong Malahuan from Thailand pulled a stunner at Race 2, Round 3 of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship in the TVS Asia One Make Championship category which was held at Sugo International Racing Course.

The opening lap posed some pressure on Horaki when Vorapong took steady lead from P2 seconds after the race flagged off. However, in the seconds following, Horaki managed to find his composure before sliding back ahead at P1. Before the lap concluded, Horaki has comfortably dominated P1 with Vorapong on the chase.

While the battle went on between Horaki and Vorapong, Horaki was determined to complete the race at P1. In lap 5 however, Vorapong found an opportunity to break the cycle but was immediately countered by Horaki in an impressive switch between the highly competitive duo.

Meanwhile, Fugo Tanaka who took the third spot on the grid dropped a few positions down in the first lap. But Fugo was able to pick his pace up in lap 2 and by lap 3, he slipped into the top 3 position. From then on, it was all about maintaining his momentum at P3 as the chances of taking lead became slim.

Ahead of him, the powerful duo was entangled in a heated fight. Horaki guarded his position for 9 laps but at the final lap, Vorapong made his ultimate move when he grabbed the P1 from Horaki before speeding ahead to the finish line.

Vorapong clocked in at 17’12:569s.

Commenting on the race, Vorapong said, “Today’s race has been an amazing one for me and I scored my very first win in Japan. I have waited for this moment in the last twelve years. Yesterday, I made a small mistake in the fourth lap which gave Hiroki the opportunity to speed up. Although I tried to pick
up speed from lap seven to nine, I failed.”

“Today however was different. I planned for a perfect start and put on a good fight with Hiroki in each lap. At the final lap, in the third sector, I was able to get near him before finally closing the gap at the

last corner. I am truly excited with my win and for yet another historical moment for myself. Thank you TVS Asia One Make Championship and my fans in Asia.”

Horaki Ono from Japan was forced to take the second spot on the podium with 17’13:053s.

Coming in third, Fugo from Japan recorded his fastest at 17’18:226s.

Top 5 Winners – Race 2

  1. Vorapong Malahuan, Thailand, 17’12:569s
  2. Horaki Ono, Japan, 17’13:053s
  3. Fugo Tanaka, Japan, 17’18: 226s
  4. Decky Tiarno Aldy, Indonesia, 17’19:504s
  5. Agung Septian, Indonesia, 17’19:880s

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