Two Malaysian riders, Azroy Hakeem Anuar and Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin received a confidence boost ahead of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship Finale which will be held at the Chang International Circuit. A dream to many but a blessing to the two lucky riders who found an opportunity to perform on the World stage.

Being handpicked comes with a challenge that may not be very pleasing. The short preparation time was a setback however the riders showcased astounding performance during the race. Their ability to adapt to the Moto2 machinery and team crew was a crucial element in being a performer in the international front and both riders proved their worth with it. Ask any rider and they would say that,
it is no easy task getting accustomed to the Moto2 machine. Nevertheless, the duo was bold in their stance and with the experience in hand, they nailed it in their capacities.

Admitting that the feat was quite a challenge, they are undoubtedly happy to have finished the race safely in their very own homeland.

Kasma who had a full season in the Moto2 race class in 2020 was seen trying to maintain consistency with his pace throughout the race. One can’t deny the fact that he was competitive enough to have represented the country on a platform recognised as world class.

“It was a challenging race but I did my best to remain consistent throughout. I made mistakes, yes but Alhamdullilah, I was able to complete the race. That felt good. It was also a thrill to have been back among the highly competitive riders. Let’s not talk about winning. For me, what was even more thrilling was riding with riders of high calibre and great showmanship. I believe that I have put on a good fight.”

“Next would be the ARRC final round. Currently, I am at the 3 rd spot overall in the ASB1000 race category with a total of 115 points. At first, I just wanted to focus on collecting as much points as possible but now, looking at where I stand and wit Haruki out of the scene, I am confident and am looking forward to a battle for title. It will be a tough one still with Zaqhwan there. He is no easy contender for sure.”

“With the boost I received from MotoGP Malaysia, I know that I can put on a good fight. Most of all, I truly want to enjoy the race and touch the finish line safe and sound,” said Kasma.

Meanwhile, Boon Siew Honda Racing Team rider, Azroy who made a debut in Moto2 race class for the first time said that he was “less happy” with his performance but was still very grateful for the opportunity given and to have completed the race safely. “It is quite a challenging race. I managed to make a good start but after half a lap, a rider tried to overtake me in a dangerous manner which caused us to overshoot. I then tired to maintain my lap time and thankfully, I was able to complete the race. Not very happy though with the result. But it was a great experience which gave me a little insight to the world of MotoGP and I will strive again to do better.”

“All these years, I have dreamt of performing in the eyes of the world but I never once thought that it would happen at my home-ground. I’m glad! It’s done for now and my next focus would be the finale of ARRC in Buriram!”

“It is impossible for me to chase the championship title but I will put on a good fight to be among the top three. I am all geared up to go on full throttle and collect as much points as I can for my team. They have put up so much effort and I hope that the result in the final round pays off!” explained Azroy.