It never gets boring with the Underbone 150cc riders who put on a powerful and engaging show in Race 2 of Round 4, FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. Md Shafiq Rasol carved victory for ONEXOX Racing Team at the Sepang International Circuit when emerged fastest.

The heated battle between the Underbone riders was expected as the experts in the field took turns to better their positions. In the first lap, Gian Carlo made his entry into P1 but by lap two, Afif Amran took over with great enthusiasm. However, P1 was not in the books for him today and by lap three, Fazli Sham came into the picture.

Mid-race, Syafiq Rosli switched positions to P1 and by the second last lap, Gian emerged once again at the lead position. In what was seen as an electrifying race, the last lap held the best of all actions when the troop stormed towards the chequered flag in a bid to secure the best spot. But Shafiq was pumped up to dominate the scene.

With the troop pressuring him in an immense chase, Shafiq bolted to the finish line, clocking in at 14’46:218s.

Commenting on the race, Shafiq said, “To me, the Underbone category is a highly competitive one. I tried my best to be at the front group and mid-race, I kept following. Towards the last lap, I gave it go with my maximum speed and succeeded.”

At the second spot on the podium, it was Wahyu Aji Trilaksana of ONEXOX TKKR Racing Team 15’46:249s.

Ahmad Fazli Sham also of ONEXOX TKKR Racing Team took the third spot at 15’46:369s.

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