The SuperSports 600cc went on to showcase yet another exhilarating performance at the Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit. Soichiro Minamimoto of YAMAHA GEN BLU Racing Team ASEAN was extraordinary in his showmanship in Race 2 of Round 4, Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship.

Yesterday was a good day for the Boon Siew Honda Racing Team when they swept the two top spots on the podium. Azroy who steadily took control and lead throughout 9 laps was failed by the tires of his machine, gradually losing pace. Helmi grabbed the opportunity to rise with Khairul injecting as much pressure to take lead. At the last turn, Khairul missed out on his moves giving Helmi an added advantage to speed up towards the finish line.

In today’s race, Helmi was pumped up when he took charge, immediately taking lead at P1 with Soichiro at P2 momentarily before Adenanta took over. With the race shortened to 8-laps, riders had to make quick decisions to strike. By the end of lap 2, Adenanta closed the gap with Helmi and moved over to the lead position. Meanwhile, Nakarin at P4 inched closer to Soichiro and before the lap ended, succeeded into P3. By then, Adenanta was seen fleeing ahead with a gap of 0.4s from Helmi. Nakarin at P3 began injecting pressure onto Helmi while Soichiro tried to close his gap with Nakarin. By mid- race, Helmi, losing his pace was succeeded by Nakarin and Soichiro leaving Helmi at P4.

With another two laps to go, Adenanta lost his pace and Soichiro bagged the opportunity to take lead while Nakarin managed his pace at P2. The Yamaha rider seemed confident as he went on with another lap with the Honda riders trailing to strike. Soichiro however remained focused as he drew up gap. The battle continued though between Nakarin and Adenanta but the former was not about to budge from his position. As Soichiro took one last turn towards victory, Nakarin and Adenanta made their way into second and third positions respectively.

Celebrating his first win for the season, Soichiro marked his first win for the season at 13’15:649s.

Commenting on the race, Soichiro said, “Today’s race was only 8-laps and it was tough. We any issues with the rear tires and I was able to keep a good pace until the final lap. We know we were strong and I waited till the last two laps to push further. So, finally I managed to win. I am extremely happy and I want to thank the team and all the Yamaha supporters.”

Nakarin Atiratphuvapat of Honda Racing Thailand took second at 13’16:154s.

ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM’s Mohammad Adenanta Putra took the third place at 13’16:291s.

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