Yukio Kagayama, who currently is the General Manager for SUZUKI ASIAN CHALLENGE (SAC), announces his entry into the Supersports 600 category in the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC), as a wildcard at Suzuka. The Suzuka round of the ARRC will be held 2-4 June at the infamous Suzuka Circuit in Mie, Japan.

Kagayama has been active in the Asian field, since the startup of SUZUKI ASIAN CHALLENGE, and at the same time fielded a two-rider team in ARRC’s pinnacle class, the Supersports 600 (SS600). Due to unavoidable situation, Kagayama was forced to put a temporary rest to the SS600 squad this season. Until last season, Kagayama used the SS600 team to show the SAC riders what a top team is about, but was not able to do that this season due to the temporary halt. Kagayama wanted this season’s SAC riders to see for themselves how a top team operates, and decided to do this race at Suzuka. He will be having the SAC riders learn from the team, with opportunities for them to help with the team. His strong desire to do this at Suzuka, made this entry possible. This will be the first time for Kagayama to race himself in ARRC, as well as to race in 600cc bike.

He will be riding the SUZUKI GSX-R600 along with Dunlop tires.

Championship: 2017 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship
Category: Supersports 600
Rider: Yukio Kagayama
Entry number: #71
Machine: SUZUKI GSX-R600
Tires: Dunlop

Yukio Kagayama | #71
“I have been a little impatient this year, because we had to put our 600 squad to a temporary halt due to unavoidable reasons. So I had ARRC and my team to make this possible, and I thank their hard work for making it happen. We are going to do this in the SAC pit at Suzuka, so I hope this will motivate the SAC riders. I wish they look closely to what a top team does, and learn from it. I am doing this not for myself, but the riders in SAC. But on the other hand, I am not going to lose to our former rider…”