Andy Muhammad Fadly of Motul Sniper Manual Tech Racing Team made a remarkable end to the practice session of Round 2 for the Asia Production 250cc category when he clocked in fastest.

Andy who completed the highly competitive race in Round 1 at the top spot gave his best shot thrice as the fastest in the practice session today. He marked fastest at 2:26:929s.

Commenting on his performance, “This is a good practice for us as we saw quite an improvement today. In addition to that, the new Electronic Control Unit (ECU) by ARacer has certainly contributed to an enhanced performance. To move forward, we will continuously seek feedback from the data obtained.”

“I love racing in Sepang as I have created some very good memories. I won in my last race here and I hope to do the same this time around.”

His teammate, Aiki Iyoshi logged in second fastest at 2:27:386s.

On the third fastest spot, Rheza Danica Ahrens of ASTRA HONDA Racing Team checked in at 2:27:806s.

Round 2 Practice Session – Top 5 Riders of AP250

  • Andy Muhammad Fadly, Motul Sniper Manual Tech Racing Team, 2:26:929s
  • Aiki Iyoshi, Motul Sniper Manual Tech Racing Team, 2:27:386s
  • Rheza Danica, ASTRA HONDA Racing Team, 2:27:806s
  • Aldi Satya Mahendra, YAMAHA Racing Indonesia, 2:27:831
  • Md Adenanta Putra, ASTRA HONDA Racing Team, 2:27:976

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