Buriram may be home to ancient temples, food that feeds the appetite, a tropical climate, distinctive local culture, stunning view of the countryside, Thailand’s largest volcano that has marched towards extinction, forest park for good measure and many more but unless you’re set on venturing far from the country’s well-worn tourist route, it is highly unlikely that you may discover a town which has a population of approximately 27,000,000 on your itinerary.
Unless of course, you are a Motorsport aficionado! Since 1996, Thailand has been the proud host of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) –
the pinnacle of motorcycle road racing in Asia to date and this year, the championship celebrates its 27 th year. Thailand Circuit which is situated in Nakhon Pathom was the official venue until Chang International Circuit took over the role for greater exposure and excellence. Built in 2014, Buriram has since become home to motorsports!

Competing on the home-ground, in front of thousands of supporters is always a memory to be cherished for riders. It becomes even more monumental when they clinch the podiums at their home circuits. At Buriram, the turnout of spectators each time a two-wheel race takes place is larger than life.
How has Buriram pulled off what many couldn’t, enticing punters into the stick to watch blokes hustle speed machines around an asphalt loop and 70% of them are Thai attendees?

Explaining the motorsports culture in Thailand, the YAMAHA Thailand Racing Team rider, Anupab Sarmoon who competes in the ASB1000 race category expressed, “The best thing about racing at home-ground is the amazing people and the unending support rendered to us. 50% of the population in our country love motorsports and the rest support for the flag that we carry each time we hit the ground – in the name of our country.”

“How could I disappoint my people when they have come all the way to support us? That has always been the motivational push that I needed each time I race in Buriram. To be honest, many loves Thailand. Not only the local people but also the foreigners who have extended their visit to our towns and cities. So, I would say that it’s two in one. They not only watch the race but also enjoy the days in
our country.”

Adding essence to the flavour, Buriram is also added into the calendar of the most prestigious two-wheel race, MotoGP World Championship since 2018. Situated about 400km (a five-hour-drive) to the northeast of Bangkok, fans can expect to enjoy a warm welcome from enthusiastic and friendly citizens, with an ever-increasing passion for motorcycle racing.

“I am pretty excited for the next race. The season begun here in Buriram and will also see through the final race. I had a good start this season with an added advantage at my home-ground and now I am confident that I could do better to finish the race among the top. With Haruki out of the equation due to unforeseen injury, it also gives me the opportunity to make it to the top three.”

Meanwhile, the fellow team rider, Apiwat Wongthananon, who is at the 5 th spot in the overall standing in the ASB1000 race category hopes to have a fun and fulfilling ride at the circuit.

“Thailand is a nice country for people to visit. Who doesn’t love Thai food, right? They get not just the satisfaction of watching a race but also the exchange of cultural diversity and an acquisition of local tastebuds. One thing for sure, Thailand and in particular, Buriram is a treasure cove of culture and beauty. Apart from that, I would say that there is an increase of interest among many Thais
towards motorsport these days which means, we get undivided support and attention. As much as I am excited, I can assure you that the locals are too.”

“I would say that I had a good start in the first round here at Buriram. Yet, my performances weren’t consistent throughout the season. But this time around, we are working on a better strategy and set up for the race which I believe would help us achieve our team target. My team has been working tirelessly to make the best of the machine. So, I hope to do my best and be among the front troop. I
want to finish the race without any issues. Definitely, I am eyeing for a spot on the podium as it would ultimately boost the points and the overall results. Let’s hope for a better weekend. I am welcoming
all fans to the Land of Smiles.”