A spectacular chase around the fine lines of the Chang International Circuit between riders of the TVS Asia One Make Championship came to end when Vorapong Malahuan from Thailand stormed towards victory in Race 1 of Round 5, FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. 

It was a good start for Vorapong who fled ahead of the riders as soon as the race flagged off. Watcharin who began at the second grid trailed closely behind. While the other riders tried to play catch up, Vorapong was seen picking up on speed with Watcharin chasing him wildly.

By the end of the second lap, the duo of Thailand has left the troop of riders with some gap in between them. Meanwhile, Fugo Tanaka positioned himself comfortably at P3 while pushing himself further to close his gaps with the duo ahead of him.

By the end of the fourth lap, Vorapong was leading majestically ahead of the troop with a gap of approximately 3 seconds away from Watcharin. By then, Fugo was getting closer to Watcharin. Decky who was seen taking strides at P5 inched closer and by the end of the fifth lap, managed to slide into P4. 

As Vorapong went on in full speed, trio Watcharin, Fugo and Decky were entangled in a battle to retain their positions. Unfortunately, Decky was struck down when his machine gave way and Arsyad took a shot at P4. With two laps to go and Vorapong out of reach, the battle for the podium continues with the three riders trailing him.

At the last turn, Vorapong confidently glided towards becoming the first ever Champion in the history of TVS Asia One Make Championship. He made his fastest in at 15’00:076s.

Commenting on the race, Vorapong said, “I felt a little pressured today because I needed to win. I am also very happy with the TVS team for the improved machine performance which is now faster than the AP250. As for the race performance, it is always tough in the beginning but the strategy is to increase speed lap by lap and create the gap needed to succeed ahead of the others.”

“I would like to thank everyone who has been a great part of my success. The race only takes 10 minutes but I have waited to become the Asian Champion over 10 years. This is a new victory for me and I am truly grateful.”

5.7-second gap away, at the second place was Watcharin Tubtimon from Thailand who clocked in at 15’05:776s.

Fugo Tanaka from Japan made it third when he marked his fastest at 15’08:412s.