It was an exhilarating performance by the Asia Production 250cc riders at Race 2 of Round 4, FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. Herjun Atna Firdaus of ASTRA HONDA Racing Team made a grand finish at the Sepang International Circuit when he bagged the top spot on the podium.

Herjun was off to a fantastic start. Bolting ahead of the other riders in the troop, he kept at P1 with his buddy from the same team, Adenanta tailing closely behind him at P2. Aldi who took P2 in the beginning of the race succumbed to Adenanta.

By the fourth lap, Adenanta took a shot at P1 briefly before Herjun once again decided to take lead. Aldi on the other hand was left in a chase at P3 with no luck on his side. Meanwhile, Anggi was inching in among the top three riders, aiming to close the gaps and by the sixth lap, he managed to slide in between duo of the same team at P2. But it was only for a brief moment before the ASTRA HONDA
Racing Team riders emerged in the 1-2 positions.

As the battle continued, Aldi found his way back into P2 in lap seven. But the duo of ASTRA HONDA is not about to give up their spot to the YAMAHA Racing Indonesia rider. After the last turn, while Herjun paced up towards the chequered flag, Adenanta and Aldi got into one last fight before the former made the cut.

Herjun Atna Firdaus of ASTRA HONDA Racing Team made his best time at 19’47:245s.

Commenting on the race, Herjun said, “I am very happy with both races, yesterday and today. The guys behind me very extremely good. My mechanic and team were great in the way they have done up my machine and I am truly grateful for that. It’s the best team I have ever had. We will definitely
do our best again in the next round.”

His teammate, Md Adenanta Putra logged at 19’47:690s.

Aldi Satya Mahendra of YAMAHA Racing Indonesia clocked in at 19’47:694s.

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