Another successful ride for the riders of the TVS Asia One-Make Championship in Race of Round 4, FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. Decky Tiarno Aldy from Indonesia made a stunning act towards victory at the Sepang International Circuit.

It was a good start today with clear blue sky as the riders stormed ahead upon flag off. Agung who took the second spot on the grid took lead few seconds into the race but was superseded by Arysad

in the first lap. Into the second lap, Decky who was in P3 managed to steer his wheels ahead into P1. Meanwhile, Vorapong who was in the back group made it past the riders ahead and into P3.

During the third lap, Vorapong who has been relentlessly pushing his was up succeeded in overtaking Decky but seconds later, Decky snatched the lead position once again. By mid-race, Fugo Tanaka who was on a hunt came into lead position with Decky and Vorapong closely trailing but Decky once again slid into P1. In the heat of the moment, Fugo acted quickly to recover his position.

By the last lap, Fugo was determined to guard his position but Decky would not be defeated. Between a tough fight, Decky who came back to P1 began feeling the pressure from Vorapong. As soon as the duo made their last turn, Vorapong chased Decky, placing intense force from the back but Decky went on with no fear towards the chequered flag first, clocking in at 15’00:256s.

Commenting on the race, “Frankly speaking, I did not expect to win. My focus was mainly at the first lap and the last lap. I kept taking note of the person behind me and the approximate gap. Towards the last turn, I made my move.”

Vorapong Malahuan of Thailand logged with a 0.048 gap at 15’00:304s.

At third place, Fugo Tanaka from Japan made his fastest at 15’00:579s.

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