It was yet another exciting feat among the TVS Asia One Make Championship riders as they glided for a better spot. Hiroki Ono of Japan was unbeatable today as he went on with the much-anticipated moves to bag the best spot on the podium in Race 2 of Round 5, FIM Asia Road Racing Championship held at Zhuhai International Circuit.

It was Hiroki as usual at the lead position in Race 1. Different this time around was Muzakkir who kept his pace close to the Japanese, placing intense pressure. Ramdan and Vorapong trailed behind. Mid- race, it was game over for Ramdan and Vorapong when they collided, opening a wide pathway for Taiyo a P3. With no threats from behind, Muzakkir went all out to attack Hiroki. Hiroki however was not about to be defeated. He broke free from that intensity and fled towards victory.

During the race earlier, Hiroki was quick to take his spot ahead of the others followed by Muzakkir at P2. Mid-lap, Vorapong swerved ahead for a moment before Malaysian duo took a slide ahead with Muzakkir at P2 and Ramdan at P3. On lap 2, Ramdan picked up speed and made it past Muzakkir. Hiroki remained strong in the lead position. The battle was evident between Ramdan and Muzakkir and by the third lap, the latter made it back into P2. Meanwhile, Piyawat was at P4 and Taiyo at P5.

The Malaysian duo went on to pressure Hiroki. As they exchanged positions multiple times, Hiroki did not engage in the threats. By mid-race, Hiroki drew a gap of 0.613s while Muzakkir and Ramdan battled furiously. With another two laps to go, Hiroki was getting faster and further away from pressure at 2.826s gap. Muzakkir remained steadily at P2 with Ramdan attempting to close the gap. At the final lap, Hiroki was already on his way towards yet another double victory while Ramdan looked out to strike. Hiroki clocked in at 14’28:690s.

Commenting on the race, Hiroki said, “Today was great. I kept to my lap time well. I have made five wins in total out of the six races since my entry into this race category. I thank my Japanese sponsors for that and I thank TVS Asia team for the wonderful opportunity given to me. My ultimate goal and drive every round were to take a win, nothing more and nothing less. That’s how I motivate myself to push beyond the limits. It is not so much of the championship title. This weekend has definitely been a wonderful one!”

Md Muzakkir Mohamed of Malaysia was consistent as he concluded the game second at 14’31:751s.

Taking third was Md Ramdan Rosli of Malaysia, logging in at 14’31:814s.