Familiarity with a venue creates a powerful force when combined with the will of the majority of its crowd. The effect is tacit. Undeniable fact! Racing at the home-ground is always an added advantage for its countrymen.

Would this work magic with Indonesian rider, Decky Tiarno Aldy’s next battle? He is definitely hoping so!

Commonly known as Decky Al among Indonesian motorsport scene, The 23-year-old has been making waves in the newly established category, The TVS Asia One Make Championship. This platform which has gracefully entered it’s 2nd season in 2023, has been showcasing the impressive skills of riders from across Asia.

Decky begun his venture in motorsports as young as 11 years old through several racing events back in his birth city, Sengkang Kabupaten Wajo. The deep interest towards motorsports brought him to the Asia’s prestigious two-wheels event, Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, ARRC.

“No matter which field you are venturing in, there must be a starting point. Mine was the local races at my village. We have huge love for motorsports. It can be a small racing event or big racing event, doesn’t matter. So, this is where it all started. A lil difference here, I wasn’t only into race, but I was into automotive as well. I love to explore the engines and spare-parts. It’s funnn!!

“When I was 11, I told my parents about my love for this sport and fortunately they weren’t against it knowing the amount of risk in it. I’m grateful for them for being the pillar since day one.”

“My first major race was my debut in TVS which happened last year. I made it to the top 3. That was a great learning curve for me. The level of competitiveness in this category is equally competitive compared to other classes because all the riders that has been chosen are the best from the Asian country. The plus here is that, machines are as powerful as the AP250 machines or even more than that. It is only the skills that differs. Hence, the best takes up the victory.

“But this year it’s quite different with the participation of new riders. There are few newcomers and they are so good. As in the Malaysian riders, Muzakkir and Ramdan. They are my tough competitors at the moment including Vorapong. In that case, competing at my home soil, I have to make it favourable to me.”

“If we look at the current standings, the point difference between the four of us isn’t much. The level of competitiveness is undeniably tough. For the next round, I must avoid making any mistakes at all cause and as I mentioned earlier performing in front of my home crowd would be a boost for me to touch the finish line with a victory on my hand.”

Decky showcased high-skilled performance in the last round at Sugo which proved his hunger for the title this season. Some pretty cool stunts to note! “This is my first appearance in Mandalika and I hope I will make it a memorable one to cherish forever. I lack in experience here when it comes to this circuit, so, it will be a new experience at the same time. I try to collect as much info as possible that I could during the qualifying round. Apart from that, I would give all my best and try to collect as much points I can in this round. The hunger for title is definitely there but I would prefer not to pressure myself. I just wanna enjoy the race!”