Why do people love motorsports? Why is it so cool and classy? What makes speed so exhilarating?

Motorsports has been popular for the longest period of time and has seen fans flocking from all parts of the world to catch a glimpse of the events besides watching it broadcasted live. The numbers are in fact higher than those who play video games for sure.

Watching the high-speed machine complemented by the likes of highly meticulous riders while feeling the goosebumps rising is surely one of the reasons that makes it ever exciting and intriguing. The pump of adrenaline that comes with watching the professional riders compete knowing that one wrong move could result in a catastrophic experience is what makes it even more exhilarating. Nevertheless, this does not dampen the young blood of an 8-year-old from realising his dreams and taking his passion to the next level.

Indonesia born, an all-grown-up, Muhammad Murobbil Vitoni of LFN H.PUTRA 969 INDONESIA Racing Team, who is making waves in the Asia Road Racing Championship, ARRC, currently, shares how he fell in love with motorcycle racing.

“I was 8 years old when I first got to know what motorsports is. I saw my uncle training his riders for a motorcycle race. Love at first sight! I was deeply, madly in love with the bikes and I can’t help it. ha ha ha.. At the very young age I never looked at it as a career path. All I know was that, I would look classy if I am on the vehicle and pull off stunts at every corner like how they do it on TVs and in real circuits.”

“And in motorsports, there’s this saying, “Courage, comes first, then power and comes the technique. The courage, I had to pull myself together to convince my mom as she was against it. Fortunately, my dad stand by my stood by my side and we both managed to convince my mom. Once the green flag waved, I had the courage to be on the cicuit and the rest was history!

“My first race took place when I was 14 in Indospeed Race Series. 4 years later I made debut in Asia’s prestigious race, ARRC, in UB150cc category, which was last year and I learned all the tricks and tips to be a better racer this season.”

In the last race at  Sugo, Murrobil or well known as Robby Sakera made the cut with his best lap time at 1’46:401s and grabbing the second spot on the grid for the race, yet, the result wasn’t favourable to the 19-year-old who is  in the hunt for the golden title.

“Thank God, at the moment I am at the 2nd position overall. However, I am still not satisfied with the results throughout the first half of the season. I can do better. Now, I am working on my techniques and strength. Sometimes it takes a lil luck too.”

“Looking at the overall results, I am not too far from the main contender but at the same time my fellow Indonesian riders, Gupita Kresna and Wawan Wello they are not far behind either. So, I have to avoid mistakes at all cause to be on the podium in the next round in Pertamina, Mandalika. Eventhough there is an advantage of competing at my home ground in front of my home-crowd, it applies to both my Indonesian rivals as well.”

“Regardless I am all excited to perform in front my family, friends and fans. Lombok is a beautiful place to visit and I believe that people across the globe would come to watch us racing. I am excited to not only race but also to meet the people there in Mandalika. I will try my best for a podium finish. The rest is God’s plan. Let’s see what Mandalika has in store for me.”

“As for the season, I would definitely be hoping to grab the title, but you know, UB150cc is very unique and competitive on it’s owan way. So, we can’t predict anything. I’m hoping for the best and wishing every other riders a very good luck.”

After four rounds of ARRC, Murrobil is 19 points behind the main contender Nazirul Izzat, meanwhile, the two other Indonesian riders Gupita Kresna and Wawan Wello at third and forth position respectively.