The excitement reached fever pitch as Round 1 of the IDEMITSU FIM Asia Road Racing Championship continued with Race 1 in the fiercely contested Asia Production 250cc category. Muhammad FaeroziToreqottullah of Yamaha Racing Indonesia showcased remarkable skill and determination, clinching victory in a thrilling race at Chang International Circuit.
Earlier in the Qualifying session, Faerozi did well when he clocked in fastest at 1:51.440s. He took the pole-position on the grid followed by Herjun Atna Firdaus of Astra Honda Racing Team and Cao Viet Nam of Honda Racing Vietnam Team on the second and third spot when they clocked in at 1:52.238s and 1:52.616s respectively.
As the race commenced, Faerozi immediately took charge as he went on in an exhilarating battle on the track. Behind him, Herjun and Viet Nam followed closely, eager to seize the opportunity to take the lead. Despite determined efforts from Arai Agaska Dibani Laksana from Yamaha Racing Indonesia, the top spot eluded him as Viet Nam hustled his way to the front, putting Faeroziin second position. However, the race was far from over, with Arai also making his presence felt as he surged to third place by the sixth lap.
In the heat of the moment, Herjun surged ahead to claim the lead on the seventh lap, with Faerozi closely following in third position. The race intensified as Muhammad Kiandra Ramadhipa from Astra Honda Racing Team led the pack in the remaining laps.
As the final lap approached, Viet Nam led the race, but Faerozi unleashed a stunning display of skill and determination, surging to the front towards the end of the race and ultimately crossing the finish line in first position with a total time of 18:53.834s.
Faerozi said, “I stayed focused throughout the race, managing the engine temperature and conserving energy. In the final laps, I pushed hard, especially at the last corner and I am glad my strategy worked well. I dedicate this win to my wife and my late mother, and I am determined to continue performing well in Race 2.”
Second place went to Arai Agaska Dibani Laksana from Yamaha Racing Indonesia who concluded the race at 18:53.984s.
Herjun Atna Firdaus of Astra Honda Racing Team made it third at 18:54.283s.
Top 5 Fastest – Race 1

  1. MUHAMMAD FAEROZI TOREQOTTULLAH (YAMAHA Racing Indonesia) – 18:53.834s
  2. ARAI AGASKA DIBANI LAKSANA (YAMAHA Racing Indonesia) – 18:53.984s
  4. MUHAMMAD SYARIFUDDIN AZMAN (IDEMITSU Boon Siew Honda Racing Team) – 18:54.558s