After showcasing a phenomenal performance since the first round of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, ARRC season 2022, Andi Farid Idzhar was promoted to the elite class in the FIM Asia Racing Championship with Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA (HADR), ASB1000cc racing alongside another talented rider from Malaysia, Zaqhwan Zaidi.

Since then, the Indonesian never failed to prove it was the right move made by one of the senior teams in Asia’s prestigious two-wheel race, Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA.

Andi is no stranger to the world of motorsports. He emerged into two-wheel racing professionally at the age of 15 and made his debut in the Asia Dream Cup at the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship in 2014. The young lad paved the way into European racing scenes when he entered Asia Talent Cup in 2015.

Since then, the 25-year-old made appearances in several international races including a spot in CEV Moto3, and World Championships. 

Four rounds later in the season of 2023, Andi booked a spot in the top three of class ASB1000cc, with two podium wins on hand and only 2.5 points behind his teammate.

“What I have done so far, it is not the best yet, I think still not enough. I mean, there is still a lot more learning to do. I am aware of my contenders’ strength and they are very strong. Hence, I need to find my compatibility with the 1000cc so that I can be more competitive in handling my machine on circuit. Nevertheless, although I am happy with my progress so far but there is still room for learning and improvement.”

“I was so excited to start the 2023 season in a new class, knowing that the path was not gonna be an easy run. I have been preparing myself physically and mentally to face this new challenge. So that the debut season never ends as a platform where I only gained experience instead as a pedestal where I am able to prove my abilities.”

“Besides, racing along with a teammate like Zaqhwan is a boost for me. He is a very talented and humble teammate. So, I believe we have brought some impactful results to the team for this season. The mission hasn’t ended yet, two more rounds to go. I believe we, as a team can pull it off. Apart from this, I would really want to thank the team who have put immense effort into giving us the best machines and being our pillar each time we are on track.”

“Not only during the race, also off tracks, they have been amazing. A diversified team, the team consists of riders and staff from different countries. Yet, they are amazing although there are differences and it is nice to be a part of them. I never felt strange. They are family! Teamwork is something crucial when it comes to motorsport. It’s never a one-man show, though it’s just one person handling the machine on the circuit and chasing the podium slot, but there is a huge number of brains working together to pull it off. I’m grateful to them!”

“The return of German lad, Markus Reiterberger, to Asia with a mission to bag his first Asian title, definitely has raised the bar of competitiveness in class ASB1000cc. He has been unbeatable in the last few rounds and the experience he gained throughout his career indeed speaks for itself.”

Commenting on Markus’s waves in ARRC, Andi admitted he has been a strong rival since round one. “Markus, he has a lot of experience, especially in Europe. Apart from looking at him as a fellow competitor, I look up to him and learn a lot from him. Even in the last four rounds, I gained so much knowledge from him. Of course, it was not only him but also my teammate Zaqhwan. They are in their own league. However, it will never stop me from fighting for the championship title.”