There has never been a boring moment in the TVS Asia One Make Championship of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship as riders string side-by-side to beat the other before accomplishing their mission for the season. Malaysian riders, Md Ramdan Rosli and Md Muzakkir Mohamed have made striking accomplishments this season will be back for more in Round 5 which will be held at Zhuhai International Circuit this weekend.

Ramdan, former rider of the SS600 race category has diligently worked hard on his moves this season to stand tall in his game. He may have had a rough start at the Chang International Circuit but that was a much-needed jumpstart to his enhanced performances. Since then, he has never missed the limelight on the podium which also included two winning moments at Sepang and Sugo. The rider went on full-form and while the challenges with his contenders were inevitable, he has somewhat marked his territories in the TVS Asia domain.

Commenting on his performances this season, Ramdan said, “What can I say? So far, I have enjoyed the ride with TVS Asia. Each time I am on the circuit, it is not just about winning but also savouring every moment of it. Definitely, the scores that I have made were my biggest accomplishments. My contender for now is Hiroki Ono and I am looking out for ways all the time to take him down. He is good, for sure and that makes it hard for me to conquer the race ground but I am doing my best to ensure I keep up with my stamina. My focus for each race would be to make it to the podium.”

Speaking about his machine, Ramdan said, “To be honest, all riders have the same engine capacity. The only major difference would be the body weight of each rider. Of course, I have a bit of a problem with my weight, heavier than other riders to be precise but I still push as much as I can so that I don’t lose out on the straights. For the upcoming race, I do have some pretty good mileage at Zhuhai but the last time was in 2019. So going back there after many years, I don’t know what to expect but the most I could do it to make sure that I get to the podium. There is no big advantage for me but I believe in myself and I push as much as I can to make the best out of it. There is only 100% of me and nothing less. My goal for this season is to make it Champion. I have already lost many points in that one round with zero in hand. But I will not give up and I am getting closer. So, the most I can do is keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well.”

From AP250 race category to TVS Asia, Muzakkir made significant improvements this season and showed great compatibility with the TVS Apache RR310 machine. His impeccable moves were seen in Race 1 at Sepang when he bagged victory followed by a podium-finish in Race 2. Although Muzakkir may have struggled a little at the other circuits, his overall achievements have placed him at the fourth spot in the overall standings. With two more rounds to go, Muzakkir is not far off from making it into the top three positions and may just strike it lucky!

According to Muzakkir, “This year has been the best version of me. I have given my best. Only thing that is lacking would probably be the luck and an enhanced machine. With that, I think the outcome would have been better. As usual, my routine has always been the same. I do a lot of bike training and I follow a strict diet. That has given me some advantage but the problem is, everyone at TVS Asia is my contender because they are all that good. It has always been a close, tight fight among us. I also know that TVS crew work wonders and they make improvements on the machine almost for all rounds. So, it makes it tough for all of us and also makes us equally competitive. Overall, I have enjoyed riding in this race category.” Commenting on ZIC, “I rode last at Zhuhai in 2019 and I had many good memories at this circuit. Personally, I think the circuit has a solid surface and the technical layout is definitely a plus point for those who enjoy it. If I am able to find the right setup, I am in for a good fight towards the podium. TVS Apache RR310 is a production bike but the feeling aboard it is almost like I am riding on a prototype chassis. I changed a little on my riding style to make sure it is smooth and try not to be too aggressive. Reason being, I have to save my tires and ensure that I have a better, shorter lap time. While I am in this, I have no expectations of taking the championship title because it is a lot of pressure but again, nothing is impossible. I have worked really hard this season and I can’t wait to jump onto my machine once again. Zhuhai, here I come!”