Never a dull moment in the Underbone 150cc race category with riders moving swiftly in a line to take lead. Among them, Md Akid Aziz of CARDINALS FACTORY RACING TEAM ARRC stood out, impressive in his moves today in Race 1 as he sprinted ahead to bag his very first victory in Round 5 of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship as Zhuhai International Circuit.

During the Super Pole session late morning, Akid Aziz took charge of the circuit when he clocked in fastest at 2’00:218s. That was an added advantage for the pole-man who went on to compete with the other two frontliners, Shafiq Rasol of ONEXOX TKKR Racing Team and Murrobil Vittoni of LFN H. PUTRA 969 INDONESIA Racing Team who both marked their fastests at 2’01:064s and 2’01:529s respectively.

It was a good start for Akid who quickly went on to lead. Seconds into the race, a number of riders crashed. With Akid leading, Fazrul and Murobbil kept close with Shafiq at P4 and Fahmi at P5, making up for the leading troop. By the end of lap 2, the positions remained. Among the back troop, Nazirul took charge with Haziq competing competitively. The pole-man seemed confident as he kept guarded his position.

By mid-race, Fahmi moved into P2. With two more laps to go, the back troop closed the gaps with the front troop and the battle heated up. Akid dropped to P7 as Shafiq took lead. Before the lap ended Akid cleverly moved back into his original position with Gupita at P2 and Hafiza at P3. Nazirul, at P4 was on a lookout for opportunities. Mid-lap, Nazirul took a slide into P3. Akid kept to his racing line diligently and avoided threats from left and right before succeeding with flying colours at 12’08:644s.

Commenting on the race, Akid said, “I am truly happy today for the win. Thanks to the team, my family and friends who have been a great support system to me. There is another race tomorrow and I am keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that I would have the same opportunity once again. Thank you all and please don’t forget to keep our Malaysian friend, Izzat Zaidi in your prayers.”

Taking the second spot on the podium was Ahmad Fazrul Sham of Pitsbike JRT Tech 2 OneWay Racing Team at 12’08:735s.

Third place went to Md Shafiq Rasol of ONEXOX TKKR Racing Team at 12’08:831s.