Kota Arakawa of MOTO BUM HONDA swept the number one spot on the podium in Race 1, Round 3 of the SuperSports 600cc category at the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship which was held at Sugo International Racing Course.

Kota has been on a roll since the start of Round 3 when he marked fastest in all sessions beginning with the practice sessions, followed by the qualifying. His blistering speed did not take a notch down even for a second. He took the pole position at the start of Race 1 and made fiery laps around the circuit.

Although he fell to P4 in the first lap when Andi Farid Izdihar grabbed the P1, he boosted his speed up and by lap two, he positioned himself second in line. By lap three, Kota was already gearing up to take back the lead position and in lap 4, he slammed Andi down to P2 and took P1.

From then on, Kota was fearlessly circling the circuit with Andi on a wild chase to defeat him. However, being defeated was not in the game for Kota. He went on for the remaining 11 laps, maintaining his speed and composure before taking a grand finish.

Kota clocked in victory at 23’02:948s.

Commenting on the race, Kota said, “I haven’t raced in ARRC since 2019 which was my last race. Being able to come back is an honour to me. I have been pushing myself through national and road race events.”

“For the race tomorrow, we will polish our machine further and work on my psychological wellbeing to ensure that we make the best out of the race.”

Right behind him at the second spot was Andi of ASTRA HONDA Racing Team at 23’07:365s.

At the third spot on the podium, it was Keito Abe of ONEXOX TKKR TEAM, marking his finish at 23’08:986s.

Top 5 Winners – Race 1

  1. Kota Arakawa, MOTO BUM HONDA, 23’02:948s
  2. Andi Farid Izdihar, ASTRA HONDA Racing Team, 23’07:365s
  3. Keito Abe, ONEXOX TKKR TEAM, 23’08:986s
  4. Nakarin Atiratphuvapat, HONDA Racing Thailand, 23’17:848s
  5. Azroy Hakeem Anuar, Boon Siew HONDA Racing Team, 23’17:982

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