It has been a striking show with the Asia Superbike riders in the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship this season. This time around, the roaring of machines will echo through the Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit in Round 4 of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship. Andi Farid Izdihar of Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA may be a debutante in the race category but he has moves and he is ready to flaunt it at his home-ground.

Last season was a fantastic time for the Indonesian lad when he rose to fame as the championship for the SuperSports 600cc race category. While many would have expected a slow-rise for Andi this season, he nevertheless beat the odds and showcased consistency throughout three rounds. It is undeniable that the top three positions in the ASB1000 race category are guarded heavily by the mastery of highly-competitive riders but taking the fourth spot overall is quite an achievement to note.

In the last round at Sugo circuit, Andi was quick to find his footing on the highly technical circuit. He landed himself at the fourth spot in Race 1 and took the second spot in Race 2. Some may say, it was luck on his side and some may say that he was quick to adapt. But according to him, “It was a difficult situation for me especially in Race 1 with the rain condition where we had to race with the rain tires and before the race ended, the surface became too dry to pick up speed. In Race 2, it was a completely dry situation and I could manage the race better although I did not have a very good start. I lost many positions but I kept pushing. With a number of riders crashing, it opened the pathway for me to finish at P2. That was my first podium for the season and I was really grateful for that memory.”

On his move to ASB1000, Andi said, “The move has been quite a challenge for me. Completely different from the SS600 race category, in ASB1000 race category, more physical strength is needed to manage the heavier machine. It requires 100% concentration and quick thinking. I have learnt a lot this season and this learning curve is really important for better performances. I need to understand the machine and manage it better. Apart from that, being tip top physical wise is equally crucial to be a part of the ASB1000 race category.”

On racing at his home-ground, Andi said, “I have not raced at Mandalika but I have had the privilege of practicing there a couple of times. The circuit is interesting with many high-speed corners. But along with it is the weather which is usually hot so it would be a nice to race there and since it is my home- ground, it is really important for me to win both the races. I know it is not going to be an easy feat but I faith in my team and I believe that they would do their best to achieve the same goal. Most importantly, the points – maximum points. It is the most I could do for my country.”

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