The return of Markus Reiterberger of the ONEXOX BMW TKKR TEAM to the Asia, in the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) and this time, with the aim to fight for the championship title that he missed out on 3 years ago.

Half way into the season, Markus has showcased a sensational performance in the last three rounds, adding in his exceptional performance in Sportsland International Sugo Racing course into the list. The circuit not only gifted the 29-year-old with the experience but also rewarded him with a victory.

“I’m really happy with  the race in Sugo because that was my first tie  there, by only watching the videos, I made it to the podium in both Race 1 and 2. At first, it wasn’t easy but I managed to learn fast during qualifying. Right now, I love that circuit. It’s a technical circuit yet interesting. The team has put a lot effort and hardwork to make sure my machine was in perfect shape.”

“Initially I was excpecting just one win during the last round, as I was not familiar with the circuit and also it was my main contender, Haruki’s home ground. He had all the advatanges there. So, I studied the lap time from Noguchi as he was the strongest rider in the last season. I noticed that I could do few laps very quickly and then I stabilised my lap time. So, I followed through with my plan and it happened.”

“Not only Haruki, Kasma, Azlan and Zaqhwan are tough competitors as well. It wasn’t an easy race but I’m really happy and satisfied with my lap times especially and taking over the lead position in the ASB1000cc.”

Commenting further on the performance in Sugo, Markus admitted that the experience gained throughout these years has helped him to learn fast about the circuit.”

“If you ask me if it’s merely luck or my experience that gave me the victory, I would say it’s the maturity and the ability to decide or plan fast that made me touch the finish line with a win in my hand. It never came easy to me. It took years of bumpy roads, failures and my efforts to be here. I’m still learning and progressing through each rounds. In every race, there’s something new to learn from the race itself and also the other riders.”

While Markus leads the standing with a total of 118 points to date, Haruki is 26 points behind meanwhile Zaqhwan is at the third place with 84 points. Though the cards look brighter on Markus side, the German lad wouldn’t want to have high hopes but still sticking to the goal to bag the Asia title.

“It seems good so far, Next in Mandalika, another circuit to explore and devour! Ha ha ha… It would be definitely amazing if I am able to make it to the podium in Indonesia. And I must say this, the Indonesian motorsport fans are crazy. They are so amazing, the crowd will be great.” “As usual I am gonna give my 100% to this race while enjoying it at the same time. I don’t wanna pressure myself by looking at the title now, but the vision is there and I am taking one step at one time. I believe I will reach where I need to be.”