The TVS Asia One Make Championship of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship has been in the last three years a combination of craftmanship and showmanship in the performance of man versus machine. Complementing the essence of the race category alongside others is Sarthak Chavan of India, pumped up for Round 2 which will be held at Zhuhai International Circuit this weekend.

Sarthak made his debut in the race category last year as a wildcard rider in the season finale. While he may not have flaunted his manoeuvring patterns just yet back then, he made his entry for a full season this year in style, captivating audience in an entertaining twist before rounding up the season opener with a double-podium. The Indian national rider may not necessarily have had the equivalent experience in TVS Asia series however he was definitely able to leverage on his experiences and skills from other championships to find his footing in the current domain.

The Indian national rider has claimed some outstanding and noteworthy victories in the motorcycle racing championship. However, bringing his level of competence to the Asian domain, specifically the TVS Asia series is not all bed of roses considering the threats lurking around and the pressure from the raging hormones on track. But, he is poised and recognises his abilities well, giving him a one-up to be on par with the contenders.

Commenting on the race, Sarthak said, “It was an excellent experience in Round 1. To be honest, I did expect a double-podium. I worked hard towards it, strategized and achieved it. It is definitely a proud moment for me and I am totally happy about it. Of course, the contenders are pretty strong. Hiroki, Ramdan, Muzakkir were in their A-game and I am very sure that they will do extremely well in the coming round. Furthermore, they have already gained some experience there and are strong in their manoeuvring techniques. So, I know that it is going to be a highly-competitive stride.”

“Racing in Zhuhai will be my first time so I do not have any on-ground experience but I am studying the track by looking at previous race videos and the performances of the other riders to get an understanding of what the possibilities will be like. I have a feeling that the circuit would be high-speed one and tyre-management would be the toughest part. The RR310 is a very smooth machine and a reliable one. There is good power delivery and the grip is pretty amazing therefore, the machine would not be a problem. I am quite comfortable on it. There is definitely a lot of work to be done but my goal is to fight a good fight to win it.”