The Underbone 150cc race category of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship has its way of enticing the crowd with its performances but what catches the eye is the rider’s brilliant moves in striking while the iron is hot. Wahyu Aji Trilaksana of RACETECH SIXTY Racing Team knows the tricks of the trades all too well and eyes on the prize, he is determined to make the most of Round 2 at Zhuhai International Circuit this weekend.

Last year may not have been all sunshiny for the Indonesian rider who has been in the game for a while now especially with the multiple DNF status and the load of running his very own racing team. Nevertheless, the former 2022 Champion is a strong character who seems to not have been deterred by circumstances instead rather be challenged to move forward with his game plan. This season, he has not only added an extra member in his team but has also showcased a well-done performance in Round 1, taking a stance one step below the defending champion in the overall chart.

It is too early to say though especially in the UB150 race category which is deemed a race category that presents every rider with the opportunity to win. Having said that, it is also a game which requires superb concentration level and quick-thinking in bagging chances. But for Wahyu Aji, “I feel a lot more confident this season. My team and I had good, positive start this season and that has definitely been a great boost for all of us. Right now, we are back in the game and it is all about making the finest cut.”

“The machine is in a superb condition. Based on the data obtained last season, we were able to fine tune our machine to increase its performance and capacity. But it is an on-going process and the goal is to consistently and progressively increase the performances so that it is faster in each round. Having a teammate is equivalent to a positive growth. Adit is a strong rider and his opinions and feedback has been beneficial for us as a team. We are still working on some lap strategies though to get the best result. After all, two heads are better than one!” On his personal achievements, Wahyu Aji commented, “Juggling between being a rider and a team owner is quite fun. It is no pressure at all as I am quite focused with my goals, which is to win the race. Zhuhai circuit is one of my favourite racing grounds. With the performance of my machine at the moment, I am quite confident that I can win the race there. I am one of the riders with the most experience in the UB150 race category. I don’t think I have any weaknesses but more so, it’s the bad luck that has always disrupted the mission. My team and I have only one goal with the coming round which is to get onto the podium and take lead in the rider and team championship points.”