John Emerson Inguito of 4S1M Yamaha Racing team is sharpening his skills in preparation for his race at the Sportsland Sugo International Circuit for the Underbone 150cc category of FIM Asia Road Racing Championship.

The season opener may not have been a very good start for John. Pacing aboard the Yamaha Sniper 150, John’s agility kept him afloat among the lead group. Unfortunately, some may say it’s timing or perhaps the inability to find the right moment to strike, he was soon overshadowed by the velocity of riders in the highly unpredictable category.

In Round 2, John took the sixteenth spot on the grid upon completing the Super Pole session. While Race 1 of Round 2 held a setback for John when he couldn’t complete the race, he made a strong finish in Race 2 when he took the third spot on the podium. John currently sits at the ninth spot overall.

Commenting on his previous challenges, John said, “For Race 1 of Round 2, my machine went into a serious mechanical problem and I could not complete the race. For Race 2, thankfully I was able to catch up when the issues were rectified. I was more confident in making the necessary moves needed to not just complete the race but to put on a good fight for a spot on the podium.”

For Round 3 at Sugo, John said, “I am excited. We took an overall look into the performance of the machine and gave it the required boost it needs for an enhanced performance. As a rider, I have been working on my physical and mental wellness to ensure that it has what it takes to embrace the
challenges at Sugo. I want to be on the podium!”

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