The Proliner RCB 549 Kaboci Racing Team was seen rocking the Proliner TR2 series at the Sepang season opener of the 2020 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship.

“We tested several different models prior to Round 1, including some prototypes, but eventually decided that the Proliner TR2 was the best choice in Sepang,” explained team manager Yoshi Hardono.

The team, which had been working with Indonesian exhaust system specialists Proliner for the past season, played a crucial product R&D role for their title sponsor.

“The Proliner TR2 series was a model that was designed for both professional racing and daily use. It has a great titanium look with a full carbon silencer system and custom pipe size. I believe that with our positive results from Round 1, we proved the versatility of the product,” Yoshi further elaborated. The team’s lead UB150 rider, Richard Taroreh took his Yamaha MX King to P6 in Race 1 and P10 in Race 2 during the Sepang round.

The Proliner RCB 549 Kaboci Racing Team, a relatively new name in the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, was the brainchild of team principal and chief mechanic Syafaruddin (Achos). Having gained a reputation as one of the 4-stroke experts in Indonesia, Achos made a hugh splash in 2017 when his wildcard rider, Richard, claimed a win at the Sentul leg of the 2017 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship.

The win galvanized Achos’s ambitions to broaden his horizons, leading ultimately to the formation of the Proliner 549 KABOCHI Racing Team in 2019.

The 11 members of the all-Indonesian team is comprised of:

  1. Syafaruddin (Achos) – Team Principal and Chief Mechanic
  2. Baban Subhan Al Gozali – Team Advisor
  3. Yoshi Hardono – Team Manager
  4. Bagoes Dimas – Crew
  5. Fadly – Crew
  6. Sahar – Crew
  7. Arifin – Crew
  8. Bagas – Crew
  9. Gideon Alva – Crew
  10. Richard Taroreh – Rider
  11. Iswandi Muis – Rider