Rheza Danica Ahrens completing his second ​career double win was the only predictable outcome from another fraught intermediate class battle this afternoon.

Manual Tech KYT Kawasaki’s Andy Md Fadly did his best to spoil Rheza’s perfect weekend by beating the Astra Honda rider into Turn 1. O​rder was restored one turn later as Rheza dismissed the Kawasaki man, putting plenty of fresh ​air ​between himself and the rest by the time they got to Degner curve at the end of Sector 1. The two best Yamahas of the weekend, under Reynaldo Christiano Ratukore and Anuparb Sarmoon​,​ also got away well from the second and third rows to latch onto the back of Fadly and ahead of the rest of the 15-strong chasing group.

Muklada recovered from a poor start to muscle her way from 7th to 3rd, sparring again with Fadly, whose exuberance a day earlier had pushed her out of podium contention. As he had done in Race 1, Anuparb kept himself in with a chance by staying within the top four of the group fighting for second place. Kritchaporn Kaewsonthi, Muklada’s team mate, again impressed, taking ​turns at the front​, with Mario, Awhin and Fadly.

Things went badly wrong for the two AP Honda riders early on Lap 5, when Kritchaporn clipped Muklada’s rear wheel as they braked for the first first corner, sending​ them both over the high side and, together with the two CBR 250RRs they had just vacated, tumbling end over end through the gravel trap.

That broke up the big group, leaving the battle for second and third between the Astra Hondas of Mario and Awhin, Fadly on the Kawasaki and the Yamahas of Anuparb and Reynaldo. However, the chasing group led by Peerapong Boonlert, Ahmad Afif Amran,​ Akito Narita and M Faerozi, worked together to catch up on the overpass, making a ​party​ of ten to dispute the final few turns. Almost nine seconds after Rheza had clocked out for the day, Mario and Fadly converted their hard work into second and third places, while Afif and Narita edged out Anuparb, who got over the line two tenths clear of his Yamaha Thailand team mate, Peerapong. Awhin and Reynaldo were similarly pushed back to 8th and 9th, while Faerozi was 10th, 0.7 ahead of Takehiro Yamamoto.

By adding 50 points over the weekend, Rheza has neatly matched his points tally to his race number of 123, which is 21 more than his 15-year-old wingman, ‘Super’ Mario. Anuparb is 10 points further behind on 92, which is 30 more than the unfortunate Muklada has been able to accumulate.