It was a neck-to-neck battle of Asia’s best in the Underbone 150cc race category during Race 1 of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship held at Chang International Circuit. Md Shafiq Rasol of ONEXOX TKKR RACING TEAM made his first cut for the season when he bragged victory.

Earlier this morning, Md Hafiza Rofa of ONEXOX TKKR RACING TEAM made the fastest lap time at 2’02:176s in the Superpole session. Wawan Wello of PITSBIKE JRT TECH 2 ONEWAY RACING TEAM hit it at 2’02:508s while Md Izzat Zaidi of CARDINALS FACTORY RACING TEAM ARRC recorded his fastest lap time at 2’03:828s. While the pole position may not pose a significant advantage in the Underbone race category, it however sets a tone to the race.

The race flagged off with the troop making a bolt to find the best position. Wawan Wello however was quick to find his pace as he took lead after turn one. However, mid lap 2, Ahmad Fazli Sham managed to pressure his way into P1. Hafiza who was then out of sight in the top 5 group picked up pace and emerged at P1. The competition was stiff as riders looped in and out of the top 3 position.

Mid-race, Izam Ikmal took lead before Wawan Wello took his shot ahead. However, Izam managed to up his pace back into P1. With one more lap to go, Wawan Wello took lead but was struck by Nazirul Izzat and Murobbil Vittoni. By turn 5, Haziq Fairues took lead with a gap that kept his away from the troop trailing him. He held on fiercely but was superseded by Shafiq Rasol from the inside before the duo engaged in one final battle for the win. Md Shafiq Rasol of ONEXOX TKKR RACING TEAM clocked in at 16’31:851s.

Commenting on the race, Shafiq said, “First of all, thank you to my team for the opportunity to race in this category. During the first few laps, I took my time among the back group. I did not push myself too much. It was not until the last few laps that I worked on my moves to take lead. That worked for me!”

Md Haziq Md Fairues of UMA RACING YAMAHA MAJU MOTOR ASIA TEAM came close behind at 16’31:863s.

Third place on the podium went to Wawan Wello of PITSBIKE JRT TECH 2 ONEWAY RACING TEAM logged in at 16’31:909s.

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