Team SND Factory Racing has confirmed that Indonesian duo Wawan Wello and Muhd Hildan Kusuma will continue to represent the SND team in the 2021 Underbone 150cc title chase.

The team, which was founded by former rider Sandy Agung, joined the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship in 2017. Since then, the Bandung-based team has picked up four wins and 10 podium finishes.

While the SND Factory Racing team is among one of many after-market parts manufacturers to own factory teams in the Underbone 150cc category, they are among the minority to run two different marquees within the same team. In the one and only round of the 2020 season, Wawan Wello raced on the Yamaha while Hildan competed astride the Honda.

“The reason why we do this is because, ultimately, SND Factory Racing is a parts manufacturer. By racing two different machines, we are able to simultaneously conduct R&D on the Yamaha and Honda bikes, and at the same time market the suitability of our products on both marquees,” said the team’s marketing personnel, Yosi Sutawan and Zaenal Nizar.

For that same reason, Yosi confirmed that the SND Factory Racing team will continue to focus solely on the Underbone 150cc class in the foreseeable future.

“The Underbones form the bulk of our market, so that’s where our focus is on. For now, the team has not plans as yet to venture into the Asia Production 250cc class,” Yosi confirmed.