Thai ace rider Thitipong Warokorn is preparing for a full ARRC comeback with the start of the ASB1000 class in 2019.

Warokorn, a protégé of the ARRC, had left the championship a few seasons ago when he raced full season in the Moto2 class of the MotoGP in 2014 and 2015. Since his return to Asia, Warokorn had moved from Honda to Kawasaki. Apart from a few wildcard entries when the ARRC lands at the Chang International Circuit, Warokorn had concentrated his efforts on the national racing scene and had dominated the Buriram Superbike Championship and Thailand Championship for two consecutive years (2017 and 2018).

When met at the Chang International Circuit a day prior to the Official Tyre Test, Thitipong said that he was looking forward to making a full comeback. “2019 will be a brand new year in more ways than one. A new crew, new bike, and new race class to look forward to.”