It was a fantastic performance by the riders of the TVS Apache RR310 machine as they showcased the engine capacities alongside riding techniques that kept audience glued to their seats. Vorapong Malahuan of Thailand made his dash towards victory in Race 2 of Round 1, FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) held at Chang International Circuit this afternoon.

Although Piyawat was striking during the practice and qualifying session, Vorapong took the limelight in yesterday’s race when he emerged competitively to defend his championship title. This season definitely poses greater challenge for Vorapong but he is clearly not ready to be defeated. Taiyo Saito on the other hand made an impressive mark when he swerved out of the hurdles and into third place.

During the race earlier, Piyawat went on a bolting speed ahead to take lead. Ramdan was second in line followed by Vorapong in P3. The Thai lad seemed confident as he charged ahead while the duo behind him tried to push through. Meanwhile, Malaysian rider, Muzakkir was chasing at P4 before Fugo Tanaka acted up. Before lap 4 ended, Ramdan found his moment to strike and took over the lead position briefly before passing it over to Fugo.

It was not an easy feat as riders began striking at each other for the lead spot. With one more lap to go, it was Fugo at the front with Decky and Muzakkir on a wild chase. Vorapong was trying to inch closer from P4. At the last turn, the battle heated up. Skilled and highly experienced Vorapong managed to slide ahead into P2 and took speed next to Fugo before hitting it first at 14’56:268s.

Commenting on the race, Vorapong said, “This race is different from yesterday’s. Yesterday, we were pushing faster and faster but today, it was not like that. All riders were trying to play safe, for the sake of restoring the tires till the end of the game. It was a hot day therefore it was crucial to strategize so that we can finish the race. Even during the warm up, I only did 2 laps because I did not want to wear it out. The tires are from Race 1 therefore, we had to safe it up for Race 2. To be honest, I did not know if I could fight for a win today but half way through the last lap, I noticed the Japanese rider taking lead. I thought of an idea for the last turn and it worked!”

Fugo Tanaka of Japan clocked in at 14’56:269s.

Decky Tiarno Aldy of Indonesia made his best time at 14’56:523s.

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