“With the departure of Andi Farid, competing in a different class for this season, we have a rookie rider, Mohammad Adenanta Putra, taking up the challenge in SS600cc – There are lots of improvements that are needed to be done, ASAP!” says Ricky Christianto, Astra Honda Racing Team’s, Team Manager.

ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM, the company which has a huge commitment to support the young generation of riders, nationally and internationally begun their journey in the Asia Road Racing Championship. It was first organized in 1996 as part of an Asian-wide initiative to boost the development of the motorcycle racing sport in the continent, A DECADE AGO!

Since then, the team has produced a big number of young talents who has made names and achieved their ultimate dream, through various stages of development at regional, national and international level in Asia and Spain.

Particularly, in the battle of two wheels in ARRC, they have earned a magnificent triumph throughout these years. Walked into 2023 season, as defending champions of two categories Super Sport 600cc and Asia Production 250cc, The Astra Boys might have something brewing in their cup.

Meanwhile, commenting on the Team’s performance for the 2023 especially in the SuperSport 600cc, as a defending champion, Ricky sees a tough path to defend their title as they have betted a rookie yet enthusiastic young lad into the circuit.

“With last season’s performance, I would say, we have learned so much and we did trial and errors together with our riders, mechanics, technical directors and everybody else in the team. Yet, there are still hiccups and I won’t deny that there is still much room for improvements with SS600 team and a lot of need to be done for us to end the race at the podium.

“We are definitely aware that we have presented a rookie rider, Adenanta. He is good, but he is new! After first two rounds, it clearly was not the result we were expecting or what we are aiming for. Of course, we aspire to achieve the maximum that is possible – this is always our target. But the reality is that we are facing some troubles. We are still searching on ways to achieve our true potential.

“Whatever it is, I gotta say, these riders, including Veda, young and new face the team who rides in AP250 category, they are adapting quickly, to the new team, new bike of the season and even the competitiveness of the category itself. I would definitely say, Veda has stunned me with his exceptional riding skills. All we need to do now, give them time and be there to work as a team. We will provide them with the best we could. That’s for sure.” said Ricky

In the SS600cc class, two AHRT racers from East Java, Adenanta Putra and Gerry Salim struggled to keep their pace in the two round race which held in Sepang, in mid of May. Adenanta, who started at the seventh grid, continued to improve his performance until he had to settle for finishing in 6th position. As a debutante in this class, Ricky believes the true potential can be unveiled soon.

Menawhile, a-14-year old, the youngest in the team, Veda Ega Pratama, showcased a cool performance in the last two round just like how his name sounds. COOL! He was in full control of his machine and his skills definitely raised eye-brows.

“ Veda is the champion of underbone rookies class in National Championship last year and this year we have promoted him, which I would say he earned it to compete in a higher level of sporting class which is in ARRC and Asia Talent Cup, ATC. He is just 14 and I believe he is at the absolute pace to make ways into international scenes. Not only Veda, the three boys in AP250 class, they are roaring! I have a positive outlook on this category.

“At the moment we have to look into 600cc class. This is definitely our main concern. We have to work together, as a team and we will see! Im hoping for more podium finishings. Fingers crossed.”