After winning his fourth championship title in the International German Motorcycle Championship, Markus Reiterberger, returns to Asia in the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC). This time, with the aim to fight for the championship title that he missed out on 3 years ago.

After a very promising start for Reiterberger and his team, the 2020 ARRC season came to an abrupt stop due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, he is back on a hunt for the first Asian title with the ONEXOX BMW TKKR team and it looks like he is in on a positive roll.

Born in Trostberg, Germany in 1994, Reiterberger begun his professional career in 2007 and  in 2008 he was a contestant of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. That’s huge! The 28-year-old won the Yamaha R6-Dunlop Cup in 2010 and then competed in STK1000 and the Superbike IDM championship. He also had a Moto2 appearance at the Sachsenring circuit in 2012, before winning the Superbike IDM title for the first time in 2013 and the second time in 2015.

With vast experience in two-wheels sports, bagging an Asian title would definitely make him all-rounder.

“I started my journey in the two wheels since I was 3 or 4, somewhere around there. My father was a speed bike rider, he does long rides. Adding to this, my hometown is a place famous for motorcycling and racing. So, I would say it is weird if a kid from the town isn’t interested in this sports. You may have a hard time finding one with no interest in racing back in my hometown.”

“From Germany to Spain, and all over the European country, I believe I have made my appearance in many parts of the country but not in Asia. So, when I got the chance to compete in the Asian region specifically the ARRC, I was super excited and all pumped to bet on the title. But, unfortunately Corona had the biggest nose in intervening in my dreams, ha ha, just kidding!”

“I am very happy to get another chance in the Asian Road Racing Championship. Three years ago, I already completed the first ARRC event on the MotoGP track at Sepang. Back then I finished fourth in the wet first race and won the second race on a dry track with a big lead and a new lap record. I really enjoyed it and this time around being able to compete full season, it’s going to be remarkable, or at least will try to make one!”

Reiterberger faced the second event of the 28th edition of ARRC after the season opener in Chang International Circuit at the end of March, the season continued at Sepang, last month.

The German lad who knows the Sepang International Circuit well from his time in the World Superbike and also finished on the podium at the World Endurance race in the 2019 season at Sepang together with BMW team-mate Ilya Mikhalchik, proved he has a good memory.

Reiterberger dominated the action and took a superior victory in the first and second race!

“Back then it went really well for us which is 3 years ago. We were brutally fast the whole weekend. Our lap times were comparable to those of the World Superbike at that time. And this time we were the fastest too. Sepang has a special place in my heart. The layout is so much interesting. I have always admired this cicuit. Sugo, could be my next toy to try on.

“Adding on to this, the level of competitiveness has increased tremendously with young riders showcasing great strength. It is quite captivating. Such as Noguchi and Azlan himself, not to forget Zaqhwan. Im really looking forward to the rest of the season. I desire podium finishes as much as I can and the title is THE MAIN GOAL!”

What does the ARRC 2023 hold for this German born racer? Let’s wish him luck!