It is a ride that pushes riders beyond their limits while keeping them completely focused on the many unexpected possibilities. The Underbone 150cc race category concluded Race 1 with a celebratory moment for April King Mascardo of UMA Racing MMR YAMAHA Philippines at Round 5 of FIM Asia Road Racing Championship held in Chang International Circuit.

Hafiza began the chapter of today’s race as the pole man. At the second spot on the grid was April King. Meanwhile, Nazirul took the third spot on the grid. In the highly competitive feat, the battle foresaw numerous switches of positions between riders. Just as expected, by the end of lap one, while Hafiza retained his position at P1, April King was replaced by Fazli Sham and Nazirul dropped a few positions down.

Nevertheless, the riders were fuelled with a mission to win. By the end of the third lap, Nazirul clocked in fastest followed by Fazli Sham at P2 and April King at P3. As the tension raised, the riders were even more determined to re-angle their positions and find the opportunity to strike. By the end of the fifth lap, Wahyu Aji emerged fastest.

As the race continued, counting down lap-by-lap to its completion, the riders pumped with adrenaline went on with great dexterity coupled with experience to prove their worth in what was known as one of the toughest and unpredictable race categories.

By the last lap, the heat was amplified as the Underbone riders went on a full-throttle after the last turn. April King, Izzat Zaidi and Syafiq Rosli made their final dash towards the finish line but it seemed like April King Mascardo of UMA Racing MMR YAMAHA Philippines had what it took to make it first, today. He logged in his fastest at 16’26:574s.

Commenting on the race, April said, “I was super nervous on the grid earlier however when the race begun, I kept my focus on the race throughout. I thank all my fans from the Philippines and also my team, YAMAHA Philippines for the endless support given to us.”

Izzat Zaidi of Pitsbike JRT OneWay made it to the second spot on the podium when he clocked in at 16’26:755s.

At the third spot was Syafiq Rosli of UMA Racing YAMAHA Maju Motor Asia Team who clocked in at 16’26:787s.