“Winning race at my home ground, it wasn’t merely luck. There was this excitement of racing in front of my family, friends and home crowd, I can’t deny that advantage that I had in Sugo, yet, the amount of hardwork I put in, that comes first. How would I miss a podium at my home-ground?”

In two-wheels race, a start can change the rest of a rider’s race. Starting well means hitting the first turn at the head of the pack and not wasting energy trying to move up in the first few laps, with the risk of falling that it implies. The similar rhythm applies when a professional rider begins his journey for the season.

Usually, a positive start would boost up each rider’s confidence and definitely it helps to push forward in the following rounds. Yet, for the 23-year-old Japanese rider, it’s a different script when the results weren’t on his favour.

“A good start does not guarantee victory or a place on the podium, and a bad start doesn’t mean I would fail the whole season. I have proved it through my race in Sugo circuit last month. I would be lying if I say there is no pain in the loss, there’s no single win and I was struggling throughout the last two rounds. But that’s the beauty of race. Everyone has a chance to win therefore each round matters and I have to admit that I have messed up in certain rounds due to some unavoidable technical issues.”

“I have never given up!

“I ventured into motorsports when I was 7 years old. It all started when my dad brought me to watch pocket bike races over the weekend. The moment I saw it, I knew there’s something in it! You know they call it #bikegasm ha ha ha.. Fortunately, my parents were very supportive too throughout my career till today.”

“I entered ARRC as a rookie rider in 2019 and the rest is history!

With neck-to-neck racing and bashing fairings from start to finish in Sugo circuit, for AP250, Aiki Iyoshi gave Motul Manual Tech Racing Team their first win of the year, pipping Veda Ega Pratama of Astra HONDA Racing Team by 1.682secs.

Heading to Bumi Pertiwi for the upcoming round this weekend, battling against the Astra Honda’s Trio at their home-ground, Aiki finds it as a NO BIG DEAL!

“This will be my first appearance in Mandalika, I’m excited! I am someone who loves suspense and surprises. So I am looking forward to race at this circuit. I will try to read the circuit as much as possible during the qualifying round. I am expecting a good result so that I could start my race 1 in a better position.”

“Generally, being in a good position in the starting grid is important in securing a strong position after the first turn, which is a key element to ensuring a chance of winning the race. Nevertheless, I am all set for the challenges ahead of me this weekend.

“Performance wise, I believe it’s getting better by each round. I think it is possible to fight for the top 3 at the moment. For now the Astra Boys are the fastest. There’s nothing to do right now, but we’ll see. As I mentioned earlier, that’s the beauty of the race. Anything is possible even at the very last corner of the circuit.” “I have strong feelings the second half of ARRC will be favourable to me and I can do better. I don’t know how it’s going to be at the end of the season but I’m definitely not giving up! Especially in Mandalika, am aiming for a podium. Let’s see!”