Undoubtedly, Andi Farid has showcased phenomenal performances since the first round of FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, ARRC 2022 and being promoted to the elite class with Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA (HADR), justifies it all.

Who doesn’t know Andi? Ask the fans of Indonesia and they will tell all about the young chap who not only gained recognition at the Asian front but also at the international racing scene. Andi emerged in the motorcycle racing arena at the age of 15 with his debut in the Asia Dream Cup in AARC, 2014. In 2015, he marched his way into the Asia Talent Cup before proceeding into the European racing scenes.

Since then, the now 25-year-old has made appearances in several international racing platforms including the CEV Moto3, World Championship. With firm grasp on experience, Andi will be performing alongside ASB1000 2022 Champion, Zaqhwan Zaidi this season.

“I am happy to have been promoted to the ASB1000 and I think this would be the first target for every rider who participates in the ARRC before they move forward to a world championship. Thanks to Honda that I have the ability to expand my wings further. Honda is unique. The team consists of riders and staff from different countries. Yet, they are amazing although there are differences and it is nice to be part of them.”

“We have gone through few test rides together. I mingle well with them. There were no barriers in the communication and all of them are ever ready to lend a helping hand. I could feel the connection among them. Besides that, racing along someone like Zaqhwan is a boost for me. He is extremely talented and above that, a humble personality. So, I believe that we can bring a greater impact to the team for this season.”

“Apart from that, I am also excited to start the 2023 season in a new class. It will not be an easy feat because everything is new to me but I am well prepared physically and mentally to face this new challenge. I am adapting and I am feeling confident with the pace for now.”

“Other than that, I am so excited to start the 2023 season in a new class. It will not be easy because everything is new for me, but I have been preparing myself physically and mentally to face this new challenge. I have to adapt fast and get along with the pace as soon as possible.”

Andi Farid or fondly known as Andi Gilang was born to couples Andi Suriadi (father) and Andi Rina Soviana (mother) in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi. He started his venture in the motorcycle racing world at the age of 8 and in 2010, joined Astra Honda Racing’s young rider development programme. Five years after that, the Indonesian was selected to compete in the 2015 Asia Talent Cup after finishing 6th in the 2014 Asia Dream Cup.

“It’s love for me. My first love! That’s why despite the ups and downs, struggles and pains, I have survived all these years. It would be a lie if I were to say that this journey has given me only happiness. There were more disappointments than joyous moments. Nevertheless, the disappointments and struggles has only made me a better rider and pushed me further towards better benchmarks.”

“Whenever I am down, I distract myself with other activities and try to move on ASAP! That helps me focus on my next race. I think, we as aa rider, we have the ability to switch on and off our focus. If we want to win, we can’t stay in the past. It’s not gonna make any changes in my points or results. So, just move on to the next!”

Outside his racing duties, Andi enjoys billiard, Futsal, and watching movies. 

In 2020, Andi got married to a policewoman and now he is a father of beautiful lil girl!