Sweeping victory for Vorapong Malahuan of Thailand at the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship  (ARRC) last season as he carved a historical mark for TVS Asia One Make Championship. Quoted saying, “The race only takes 10 minutes but I have waited to become the Asian Champion over 10 years. This  is a new victory for me and I am truly grateful.” 

With the new season just around the corner, it is a moment to redefine championship. During its debut  season, we witnessed power and prowess, interchangeable between man and machine. As TVS Asia  One Make Championship gears toward greater advancement and innovation in motorcycle revolution,  riders are flexing their muscles and inching towards yet another form of excellence. That’s motorcycle  racing championship in its essence. 

So, what does the new season mean for Vorapong? 

“I can never run away from the challenges in the race category as I foresee a competitive stride among  the robust riders. But my main aim is to defend my title and push towards a new record at each circuit.  After all, as a rider, I represent the TVS machine hence I will do my best to magnify the full capacities  of the machine. Since the testing at Chang International Circuit last year, TVS has gained numerous  data that can be applied this season to achieve better outcome. More importantly, we will be riding  on a machine geared with slick tires which means that there will be improvements in speed at the  corners.” 

“I am not here only for the competition but even more so, to create a standard that would serve as a  benchmark for all the other riders in the TVS Asia One Make Championship.” 

While the game plan remains the same for the existing Asian riders of the TVS Asia One Make  Championship, it may require practice for new entries like Md Ramdan Rosli and Md Muzakkir  Mohamed of Malaysia who will be taking a stance on the battlefield. It may not be an entirely new  challenge for the Malaysian duo who have been actively involved in the SS600 and AP250 classes  respectively, however riding aboard a TVS Apache RR310 may call for disparate set of manoeuvring  techniques. 

Commenting on the upcoming season, Ramdan said, “It will be a much lower cc machine for me, but  I am looking forward to the new experience that TVS Asia has to offer. Time may be required to further  understand the new machine but the mind is prepared to enjoy the ride. It will not be an easy feat but  I am a go-getter – I always work towards improvements. There are many excellent riders in this  category and so, there is no room for complacency. With minimal data in hand, it is quite difficult to  predict the outcome but I believe that the more time I spend on the machine and the circuit will result  in an ideal performance.”

Muzakkir commented, “TVS Asia will be an entirely different ballgame for me and that would be my  biggest challenge. I know that the machine is completely different from any of the machines I’ve  ridden. Adding on to that strain, I have never gotten the chance to test it before the start of the season  compared to the other riders who have already gained experience riding it last season. Having said  that, it’s a challenge that I am looking forward to. I would definitely like to take a step on the podium  but my fear of failure is always there. Nevertheless, I am confident with my abilities and my fitness level.”

“Part of working towards the goal is by watching the TVS Asia races. Racing in the AP250 race category  is pretty similar in terms of the lap time and I use that as my guide. The fascinating aspect of the  machine is that it gets faster each round and that’s a fantastic progress. I certainly am excited and  can’t wait to get my hands on the machine!”

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