The Underbone 150cc race category is not only captivating with its long stretch of line during the race but also the trick of riders in their pursuit to take dominance. Gupita Kresna Wardhana of 4S1M EVO YAMAHA Racing Team is just like any of his counterparts will continue to find the right opportunities to strike in Round 4 of Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship that will be held at Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit this weekend.

The Indonesian rider may have struggled quite a bit with his positions last season but this year, he has made quite remarkable improvements with three podiums to-date. Taking the third spot in the overall standings, it may still be early to predict the outcome of his standings but what is evident would be his accomplishments thus far with the possibility of him raking it better on the charts at his home-ground circuit. Riding aboard the Yamaha Sniper 150, the UB150 race category is not so much about the speed of the machine but rather the ability to manage the manoeuvring techniques coupled with the ability to strike while the iron is hot. Gupita has certainly showcased those qualities.

Commenting on his performances, Gupita said, “I’ve been performing quite well this season and it feels good, scaling to a better position with the accumulation of points. This season, it is all about conditioning myself physically, especially my diet. I have been working towards my weight goals that would complement my riding style. For Round 3, I was really grateful to be on the podium. The feeling was overwhelming. I had many chances to win but it was definitely not easy. Getting a place on the podium was already a great achievement and a blessing for me.”

Speaking about the Mandalika circuit, Gupita said, “The Mandalika circuit is like the European circuit. It is very special. The weather while is nice can be challenging with the unpredictability of wind as it is near the sea. The layout is also a tricky one which would require time to adapt. Nevertheless, my team and I will work towards ensuring consistency in our achievements for this season. Usually, there is no pre-race preparations and the team will start working on our machines when we arrive at the track during the race week which is our regular routine each round. On my part, it is more of staying committed to physical enhancement routines.”

Gupita looks forward to yet another podium this weekend. According to him, “I am motivated by the fact that I am in the top 5 right now. This is a good chance for me to prove to the ARRC community that I still have it in me to succeed. The machine is also more powerful than before which gives me the upperrhand to fight competitively. The mechanics and the 4S1M team have also been doing a great job since their enrolment into ARRC. Frankly, I am much boosted this time around with a team of members who have been supportive in every aspect. Therefore, I look forward to either win or be on the podium in both races of Round 4 so that I can be in the running towards becoming a champion this season.”

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