Malaysian rider, Khairul Idham Pawi, or fondly known as SuperKIP, made it into the top 20 positions in the Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race in Japan, last weekend and will now move forward with his riding goals in Round 4 of Asian Road Racing Championship 2023 before heading back to his home-ground for another battle in the season opener of the Malaysia Superbike Championship, MSBK, 2023 which will commence on 18th August 2023.

Riding under Honda Sofukai Suzuka Racing Team, KIP teamed up with Japan’s Yuki Sugiyama and Hane Takumi on his first appearance in the 8 hour race at the Land of Sunrise and finished at the 18th place out of 50 participants.

The 25-year-old who was no stranger to the world of motorsports while he was a Moto3 rider back in 2017 had quite a dramatic journey till he announced his retirement at the age of 22 back in 2020 and decided to make a comeback in 2021.

KIP explained his decision to quit motorsports for good. This move was explained in a cool and calm manner where he declared the need to be done for his own happiness as well as his loved ones around him.

Truth be told, it has been a difficult couple of seasons for the young Malaysian rider. He created history back in 2016 as the first Malaysian rider to win a race in the MotoGP 250cc class not once, but twice in a season. Things moved a little too quickly for the motorsports superstar with a promotion into Moto2 before being signed with the Petronas Sprinta Racing team.

His downfall led him to a long-term injury that resulted in the amputation of one of his fingers early of 2020, but the opportunity to prove himself worthy of competing with the best Moto3 riders once he recovered was not granted.

The announcement of retirement was a bit of a frustration, yet, The Champ came out of it real quick! Kudos! Last season can be described as a warm up for the break he had as he was still struggling to get his pace back and this season, he has been all out in proving his worthiness since the season opener in March.

Coming back to the current racing scene, across the weekend’s three races, with two more to go KIP keeping it super cool claiming that back-to-back races kept his momentum on track though it can be exhausting in the coming weekends.

“ As a professional rider, this is how our life is or should be. Yes, the races are back-to-back and adding on to the strain, the travelling. So, it’s not only about the race, it’s a package. Three different countries with three different vehicles in three weeks. It will be exhausting and I’m not gonna deny or sugarcoat it. Regardless, I am all geared up for these racers.”

“And also it’s about the experience I gained. For example, I have raced in Moto3 and Moto2, World Championship, but the Suzuka 8H, never been. My very first experience there in Suzuka, but I felt I got my momentum back which I never had in last few years. Now it feels like I am back to my old self when I was competing in World Championship.”

“I could have done better in Suzuka but I am happy with the performances and next I’ll be heading to Mandalika, my neighbour country. Every circuit is a playground that we riders explore continuously, no matter the times we have raced there. I always give my full commitment to every races. Same goes to this one.”

In the last round at Sugo, KIP of BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM definitely made an impression with steady and strong finish aboard the Honda CBR600RR as he strode swiftly ahead to bag number 1. Currently dominating the SuperSport 600cc class with 118 points which is comfortably 27 points ahead of Japanese, Keito Abe.”

Would KIP be able to grab the title for this season? Possibilities are high! “As for now I do not want to pressure myself by thinking of title, but somehow we are half way there. It seems possible but this is race. Anything can happen and anybody can win. So, for now I am going to enjoy the race and collect as much points as I can. Podium in every other rounds and let’s see. Que Sera Sera!”