It may be small in size and frame but combined with the dexterity of riders, the Underbone 150cc  machine speak volumes of its power. Making it even more appealing is the nature of the race category  which promises a win to all riders with a twist in its course. Wahyu Aji Trilaksana of RACETECH SIXTY  Racing is prepping up for Round 5 of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship which will be held at  Zhuhai International Circuit, China this weekend. 

Former champion in the UB150 race category, Wahyu Aji got into the act of ARRC this season with a  major transformation; with a new team, as a team owner and rider. It must not have been an easy pick  for the Indonesian rider, juggling between two difficult tasks but Wahyu Aji seemed to have embraced  the challenges gracefully. Finishing podium six times last season with one win and claiming the overall  champion title, Wahyu Aji has what it takes to run the show and it is only a matter of time before his  performances are navigated right back on track.  

Commenting on the season, Wahyu Aji said, “So far, there has been no big challenges and if there has  been, I was able to find the ways to manage it. Frankly, I have less pressure now and I enjoy the race  better. The goal is to continuously stay focused and as of now, there are four more races to go.  Therefore, that is where my attention is at the moment. I want to try and make it to the top three  positions. Of course, an added advantage would be for me to have a teammate so that we could  strategise together and come up with a better plan during the race. Being a one-man soldier is never  easy.” 

On the upcoming race at Zhuhai, Wahyu said, “It has been a few years since I last raced at Zhuhai  International Circuit. But from what I have experienced and learnt, this track is not as technical  compared to some other circuits. So, the power the machine is extremely important. Speed comes  first. I am confident that I can do well at Zhuhai circuit. After the couple of trial and error, I would  recognise the strengths and limitations there. Personally, I think I have one of the strongest machines  in the UB150 race category. Since the race at Japan, I think we were able to obtain the highest speed  in the straights. So, hopefully, that works to our advantage at China.” 

It is a continuous hard work for any rider in preparation for the race. As for Wahyu Aji, he said, “I do a  lot of physical training, regularly. There is no excuse because keeping fit is really important for any  rider. There are no other special trainings really! It is a self-motivated endeavour to ensure that my  body is able to take the expectations of the race. My team and I always have good communication.  The setup of the machine is not solely my decision but overall, a decision made as a team. We analyse,  we execute together. I have been in the UB150 race category for many years now so self-mentoring is  something that I have picked up along the way. So, let’s see how it goes at Zhuhai!”