Never a dull moment in the TVS Asia One-Make Championship of the FIM Asia Road Racing  Championship with riders taking a notch up to accomplish their goals for the season. Making a  remarkable entry and spicing up the level of competitiveness is Hiroki Ono of Japan who will be back  for Round 5 at Zhuhai International Circuit this weekend.  

He marched into the scene of ARRC in Round 3 and made stunning lap times before going on to bag  the top spot on the podium in Race 1. Although he did not finish Race 2 due to mechanical issues in  his machine, he came back to topple his contenders in Round 4 with a double win and a new lap record.  The Japanese rider is a smooth operator who has made riding aboard the TVS Apache RR310 seem  effortless. Hiroki may be new to the TVS Asia platform but his riding experiences in various  championships in the local and international front have definitely contributed to his grand finish in the  race category. 

Speaking as a seasoned pro in the industry, Hiroki said, “Yes, I have definitely gained a lot of  experiences over the years which is one of my greatest assets riding in the TVS Asia. I have competed  in the World Championship, Spanish Championship and All Japan Championship and that has gone a  long way in paving a pathway of excellence for me. But again, it is not all experience I would say. It is  also perseverance and determination to succeed that has driven my level of competitiveness in the  race scene. The ups and downs are inevitable in any kind of championship. Here, in TVS Asia, I personally feel that we lack riding advisors. It would not really be an issue for an old hand but for  younger riders who may not have had the much-needed prior knowledge or experience, it is definitely  a tough game for them.” 

On his performances and improvements, Hiroki said, “In Japan, I use data loggers to frequently check  my riding techniques and also my machine’s conditions. This really helps me gauge my overall  performances including the capacities of the machine. It also is a crucial element in helping myself  improve further especially in my riding style and the adjustments of the right settings. So far, I am quite  pleased with my overall achievements but I know that I can do more and I look forward to making  more record-breaking strides. Practice makes perfect!” 

“For the upcoming race, I have never been to Zhuhai International Circuit so that would be challenge.  Nevertheless, I am a go-getter and I can’t wait to get there so that I can start working on the right  strategies. Of course, it would be an added advantage for those who have already been there and  tested the ground but there is really no fun in riding without a challenge. Being in TVS Asia is quite an  interesting journey for me, I would say. Above all the achievements, I actually feel privileged to be part  of the TVS Asia ambition in developing a suitable machine for race and I hope that my experience would be of value to them and to the other participating riders. As for the next season, there is nothing  carved in stone yet but I hope to make ARRC more exciting.”