The season opener of ARRC celebrates its first winner for the Underbone 150cc when Izzat Zaidi of Pitsbike JRT OneWay smashed in Race 1

The season opener of FIM Asia Road Racing Championship celebrates its first winner for the Round 1 of the Underbone 150cc category when Mohd Izzat Zaidi Mohd Salehan of Pitsbike JRT OneWay smashed in at 16:43:348s in Race 1.

Izzat, the Malaysian rider who took the second row from the Superpole after coming in fourth at the challenge struggled to find his pace in the beginning. Striding alongside a stretch of riders, Izzat who rode the Yamaha Y15 ZR machine picked up his speed towards the remaining 3 laps.

Izzat broke into the top three troupe by the seventh lap, taking the second spot before strengthening his strategy to finish ahead by 0.240s.

“It was a challenge coming back to the Asian circuit after a two-year break. However, the team have kept their momentum and worked their way into ensuring that the necessary measures were taken into account to ensure the best outcome.”

“My strategy was to speed up to the leading group, one step at a time before I made my break to get ahead of them.”

Taking the second spot at the podium was Muhammad Yordan Badaru of LFN HP969 Indonesia Racing Team who clocked in at 16:43:588s Yordan who has been relatively quiet throughout the pre-season test and the official practices began at the sixteenth place on the grid before he hustled through a row of riders to place himself in the top three position.

Following right behind him at the third place was Wahyu Aji Trilaksana of ONEXOX TKKR Racing team who made it through the final lap at 16:43:942.

Top 5 Position of Underbone 150cc

  1. Mohd Izzat Zaidi Mohd Salehan (MAS), Pitsbike JRT OneWay, 16:43:348s
  2. Muhammad Yordan Badaru (INA), LFN HP969 Indonesia Racing Team, 16:43:588
  3. Wahyu Aji Trilaksana (INA), ONEXOX TKKR Racing Team,16:43:942
  4. Dimas Juli Atmoko (INA) LFN HP969, Indonesia Racing Team, 16:44:321s
  5. Md Aiman Tahiruddin (MAS), Cardinals Racing Team Malaysia, 16:44:341s

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