The Underbone 150cc is one of the most watched race categories among Asians who comprehends its complexities and the unforeseeable challenges that makes it ever interesting from the beginning till the end. M. Murobbil Vittoni of LFN H. PUTRA 969 INDONESIA RACING TEAM is all out to inject more excitement in Round 3 of the Idemitsu FIM Asia Road Racing Championship at Sportlands Sugo International Racing Course.

The Chang circuit may not be his favourite playground considering his struggles to take lead but Sepang circuit has definitely made a mark on Murobbil who made it second on the podium in Race 1 amidst the chaos from the casualty at the last turn. The Indonesian rider was quick to make his move, in control of his machine as he accelerated towards the finish line. Race 2 may not have been quite as impressive but he landed himself at the 4th spot. Last season, Murobbil made it 10th in the overall standings with one time podium at the third spot.

Commenting on his experience in the UB150 race category, Murobbil said, “I have been racing in this race category for three years now since 2019. Then there was the lockdown and I continued last season before resuming this year. To me, the most important thing about the race category is to understand the situation, the circuit layout and also being aware of the riders’ abilities. The pattern in this race category is usually the same, with a huge troop trailing. Being able to find the pace and striking at the right moment is crucial.”

“In Race 1, Round 2, I grabbed the opportunity from the casualty that happened. It was an added bonus for me as there was a gap between them and myself which made it possible for me to avoid the crash. It was probably also luck on my side. The important thing would be to continuously strive. I usually follow the troop from the very start of the race and find an opening where I can make my move.”

At Sugo last year, Murobbil took the 4th spot in Race 2. He said, “The Sugo circuit is extremely exciting. I enjoyed the race there last year and I look forward to maximise my potential there. I would like to remain optimistic that I could win the race there. It is important to ensure that my performances are consistent throughout although realistically, it is unpredictable in the UB150 race category. I want to make sure that my points add up to a good position.”

Overall, Murobbil said, “I think the UB150 race category is exhilarating. As a lover of two-wheel motorcycle racing, it gives me a good balance. Being a rider, there is need to constantly work on my physique to maintain my stamina and my mental wellbeing. In a highly pressured environment like this, it is very important for any rider to make sure they are well-prepared in all aspects. I am ready and here I come!”

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